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im jewish

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  1. You should make the option to choose which herbs you'd like to grab.
  2. when players put items up from the trade outpost it wont put up the cash as if it doesnt see the item has been put up. also got banned using this script (the free version) after one day of use. I don't blame the script writer as botting always has a risk.
  3. when buying items if they offer it from the trade post selection the bot doesnt put up the cash for the item.
  4. Not a single bot has molten glass making.... Using soda ash + buckets of sand. Would be very useful for ironman if you get the hint.
  5. Getting "maximum amount of instances" I closed my tribot restarted everything.. and no luck..
  6. Would buy if this could make molten glass... (Like making it in the furnace). but your scripts are always 10/10.
  7. Could you possibly add molten glass making? Soda ash + buckets of sand to make the molten glass? Ty if you could
  8. Still not logged in and says pending and i cannot withdraw my gp Still waiting 45 mins later
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