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  1. also check for java update.
  2. xelm

    need real users opinions.

    its quite funny you say that honestly because i've lost loads of my mains to tribot lol my best account was a skiller with 8 99's. anyway you're probably right i shouldn't bot on my main.
  3. Looking to purchase a fishing script. which one should i choose? Auto Fisher Pro or Einstein's Fisher using it on one of my alt mains. not a hardcore botter. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. guess i should've purchased this script instead of newbotterFTW's script. the script quality is sooo poor and blatant ? i only love the GUI.
  5. im not really one to complain on scripts, cause ive only had 1 other bad experience. the fishing guild path system needs to be fixed.. not only is it so garbage by misclicks, it's BLATANT AS HELL. the bott miss clicks backwards instead of forwards... example if you are standing at the fishing guild and its ready to bank, its suppose to click towards the bank.. and it does but right afterwards, it clicks back at the fishing guild then clicks the bank again... a lot of miss clicks. the path needs to be fixed asap. the only thing out of this entire project that i like so far is the GUI. majority of the locations ive tried has poor quality script work. best location that ive noticed scripted well is the trout/salmon location in barb village with shift dropping.
  6. it was better when you could purchase an "unlimited script" and not have to be a vip. thankfully i own some, but i should've bought more. ?
  7. personal preference. i would recommend 1 - 6 hours and add breaks. make sure you randomize. i truly believe adding breaks is the ultimate anti ban.
  8. might be hard for me to explain.. but when you look at the ground in runescape you can see little pixel squares. i imagine 1 raidus = 1 box [ standing infront of the tree and only covering that tree ] so either you can guess or count around the trees and then enter in the radius youd like. can you see it?
  9. Like this. so to answer your question, yes. its has the lowest ban rate in my opinion... Ive botted about 13 accounts to 99 wc and 3 of them had gotten banned from using PRE MADE locations.
  10. ive had multiple accounts banned from that location. i would highly advise using "custom" setting. and just drop the logs.. willows are pretty much worthless, just keep the nests if you want. all the pre made banking locations have a higher ban rate because its popular and people are lazy.. so they just use that instead of setting up a custom spot for themselves. ive been botting wcing for about a week now from 88 - 96 and nothing has happened to me.
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