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    ayeeeee lmaooo
  1. i think the script needs to be updated, ive already found one bug where the mouse just moves back and forth on the GE desk. its still doing it.
  2. What an incredible script and still alive after 1 year + [wow!] If anyone of you is looking for a fletching script, i highly recommend this. i started using this script a little over a year ago, [ retro botter] andi have never EVER gotten banned or anything. Very legitimate script Swift and smooth when running. 2 anti bans to choose from. professional mouse movement. Flawless banking and realistic human methods.. you can seriously suicide this script at G.E I started on Monday 6\27\ and i'm 89 Fletching lol. BEST Fletching script by far. But there is one thing i'd like for you to Fix druid, if you could please figure it why my character runs to different bank booths in varrock west bank and fix it, i'd appreciate it. although i prefer G.E, sometimes i like to switch up locations to increase anti-ban but that's it.. there is absolutely nothing else to complain about or anything. Great work. Thank You Druid <3 S2 K3 Sincerely, Le - x
  3. Tries to fletch Maple short bow's @ 45 Fletch [ON] Progressive fletch fix please. [ 50 is the correct level ] thankfully i can do it manually. <3
  4. Welp.... back it again for the third time.
    gl me

  5. ACBL10 - Anti ban - Duel arena [would be just fine ] Lane switching, basic paint & any choice of logs. Shouldn't be to difficult, all the other FM scripts are either blatant or broken. shoot me a pm and we can discuss things, i'd prefer somebody that is trusted & or is a scripter on here.
  6. This is what im talking about my dude... :l Looks blatant. https://gyazo.com/0b9a7c9c403c88c163639394536a2beb
  7. not to be rude but Tribot doesn't give a shit about your account [hence botting website] So im gonna have to agree with @YoHoJo. If you went to any third party website from game or downloaded any faulty software recently then that would explain. best advice i can give you is, go into task manager and look for suspicious .exe programs running. most rats [ a backdoor in technical terms ] are pretty blatant for the most part considering kids are just fooling around. if you need or want any advice feel free to shoot me a PM, ill try to assist you as best as possible.
  8. it was running for about 2 hours then just randomly stopped, here is a screen shot of client debug. https://gyazo.com/16056647c358528c8d53dd3a7260bd68
  9. Started just a little bit ago, will post a proggie soon. *crosses fingers all goes well*
  10. no xp waste
  11. Also looking for a script, PM me for discussion. tyy
  12. Use GE bro @ world 1, just stack. thats what im doing... i know exactly what you're talking about though, although my character likes to hop bank booths constantly instead of randomly walking off.
  13. Script seems to be working flawless for me.. Just left it on all night even when i slept. 10 hour proggie 3 AM - 1;35 PM EST USA time zone. https://gyazo.com/5e500c1a36357de4f078f84a265b990c