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  1. vinhimself

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    wondering about getting this to bot 80-89 at rellekka... has anyone achieved this recently?
  2. if you have multiple gear selections created make sure that you have the correct one selected when you start the bot up
  3. How is the magic only option treating those using it?
  4. how to you plan on splitting up the ip addresses of your osbuddy clients? interested to know. pm me
  5. what is the kd/ratio you are getting? when you are saying though that you were just standing there did it look something like this? If so it just happens sometimes I guess, could be some sort of issue with LG? would rather die a few times though than not use LG https://gyazo.com/77ee5db9beb4b0ba9bc12c083b78ffc6
  6. run on my account maybe 14-20 hours a day since i bought this script. account is maybe a year and a half old though and has 1800+ hours already played. maybe 14-16 kills an hour. gear is maxed mage + augury/ range is god d'hide + bp + anguish + rigour. heard you can get 18/19 kills an hour somehow lol but I havent gotten it yet I guess. I use LG though every time I bot the script so its probly slowing the script down by 1-2 kills an hour on average. add in the death i get every so often thats probly where the 18/19 kills an hour come into play
  7. i agree. only case really might be someone using a tbow with script but i assume that has probly never happened :3
  8. you might be able to set the gear for both the range and mage tab to be the same gear so the bot doesnt switch gear?
  9. managing around 16 kills an hour with 5-6 way switches. how are you guys and gals doing? if you average more kills an hour with less switches Im curious what you use
  10. Is there a way to see how many days are left after purchasing an instance of the script?
  11. vinhimself

    Ardy Knight Auto Clicker

    I found this incredible useful recently when I went from 75-91 thieving. Wasn't detected and got all that experience within 2-3 days I think? You can randomize the delay between clicks unlike a lot of other auto clickers I found when trying to figure out how to avoid getting banned and contracting carpel tunnel at the same time. Only works on Mac as far as I know, but I bet there are similar programs which can be used for Windows. Randomization of the delay between clicks is super important if using an auto-clicker just keep that in mind and GL http://www.murgaa.com/auto-clicker-mac/
  12. vinhimself

    New to TriBot help

    If you are doing all the clicking yourself I find it hard to think that you would be getting banned for using the Zulrah overlay script. The 'randomness' of a human clicking versus a digital script is a large setback for Jagex bot detection itself. They aren't going to ban you for beating the boss correctly every time thats for sure ;). The only way you would get in trouble is if Jagex detected that you were playing the game in a TriBot reflection client instead of their own client or a 'legal' reflection client (Osbuddy/Konduit). If you are worried about that though purchase the VIPe for TriBot and then use a Looking Glass client while playing. To my understanding (which is incredibly little) Osbuddy is a 'legal' reflection of the game as it doesn't alter or give advantage to the players using it. This being said, Looking Glass client is like a reflection of a reflection (Osbuddy) of the original game client. So if Jagex notices you are playing in a reflected client, chances are they will only see the first reflection (Osbuddy) and not the second (Looking Glass). Hope this helps and perhaps gives you a bit more confidence when boting
  13. vinhimself

    Time Left on Paid Scripts

    Is there any way to see how much time is left on paid scripts? I recently (within the past week) purchased the Zulrah bot and wanted to see how much time I had left on it