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  1. Best way to train multiple accounts?

    Wondering what the best way to create and train around 10 accounts would be? Assuming my IP is auto flagged, should I split all of them up on proxies from the get-go - even create the accounts on a web browser that support proxy use so I can match the browser creation up with the IP the account would be botting on?
  2. New build

    New build. Have the parts just putting the thing together, prices dont reflect what I bought it for really due to fluctuation. Also 2 screens 22 in and 23.6 in and a lava lamp on my desk should be a beast
  3. The CPU convo continues, Xeon vs Intel vs AMD

    Do you know why multithreading comes into play when Os clients only populate one core? Would I manually have to set and place certain programs into certains cores via third party software?
  4. SO I have a couple of questions and thoughts I'd like to discuss here. First and for most in my mind: How do Xeon processors run so many scripts on their many cores with such low thread speed? From what I have heard from the community clients populate only a single core, so something like the i7 7700, would be best because it has a 4.2Ghz un-boosted speed. Following this line of reasoning a Xeon processor would be not so efficient? Its evidently the wrong conclusion, but why? Secondly for the past few months I've been thinking about creating a computer build, so with some of the christmas money I received I thought I'd move forward with it. The processor I Want is the 7700k (because of said reasoning previously), but the one I think I'm going to buy is the Ryzen 5 1600k because of the Xeon dilemma and because $. Does anyone have and use an R5 1600x, if so any idea how many bots it could run with 16gb ddr4 ram?
  5. how has this worked out for you so far? super curious
  6. if you have multiple gear selections created make sure that you have the correct one selected when you start the bot up
  7. How is the magic only option treating those using it?
  8. Dual Monitor Lag

    will my own computer's graphics capabilities affect what I see though? or could I go and and play a AAA title game on a dedicated server?
  9. Sock5 Proxy Purchase

    Where have you guys experienced the best service buying and using sock5 proxies for botting OSRS?
  10. Dual Monitor Lag

    Recently I made a post with links to several computer builds on pcpartpicker while wondering which build would facilitate the best botting experience. The response I got was either to use an i7 or Xeon cpu with at least 16gb Ram or to rent a dedicated server from wholesaleinternet at around the $80 price point. I personally want to just buy the new computer, but ultimately will probably go with the option that makes the most economical sense. I have no experience using a dedicated server, so I have some question about it. Sorry if this gets convoluted. I am currently using a mid 2012 Macbook Pro retina (15''). My plan is to train up maybe a dozen accounts at the same time (can't do that on a 15'' screen, max 4 game clients squished together). Next step was attaching an external monitor to see how many client I could fit on a 24'' screen. After attaching the monitor to my Macbook via HDMI, I started to drag and drop clients onto the monitor's screen. Instant fps drop (like extreme fps drop) and lag taking 20 seconds to catch up with any clicks I had made. With 4 clients open cpu load was at 40% and Ram was sitting around 6gb usage of the available 16gb. I surmised the lag was probably due to a bottle neck in graphical processing as Macbooks don't have a dedicated video card and running two screens at the same time was clearly past any capabilities my cpu's (2.6ghz Intel Core i7) graphics capabilities could manage. So giving up any hope of using my current computer to bot, it's for sure either a dedicated server or a new computer. I have questions though: *If I rent a dedicated server will dual monitors still be a problem? From the specs that websites give dedicated servers don't facilitate a gpu and at this moment in time I'm not sure if I would just be wasting money finding out. Has anyone tried running dual monitors on a dedicated server to bypass a problem like this?* If I don't go with a dedicated server and instead buy a computer this is the build I have going atm, gpu included for graphical support running at least 2 monitors : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/
  11. What build would I get the most out of

    where do you rent your servers from?
  12. No gpu as this would be a dedicated boting build. opinions? three separate cpu's / slight build variation / all in my price range. i7 7700x would not be over clocked, just runs a bit faster than the unlocked i7 7700. the script I want to run (with osbuddy and client open simultaneously) takes up about 1gb of memory or half of that with just the client according to script developer. looking to be able to smoothly run at least 4 bots simultaneously and smoothly https://pcpartpicker.com/user/chuunin/saved/ https://pcpartpicker.com/user/chuunin/saved/#view=B3Wm8d https://pcpartpicker.com/user/chuunin/saved/#view=FJBFdC
  13. how to you plan on splitting up the ip addresses of your osbuddy clients? interested to know. pm me
  14. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    if you noticed, the fisher and the middle and left fishing spot together make a triangle