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  1. This is why Tribot is and will always be #1
  2. Wow. You see, this is exactly why Tribot is number 1.
  3. PM me your Skype. Amount:15m Payment Method:Paypal
  4. I've been running this script 18+ hours a day for the past few weeks. It's an amazing script. Any little problems I've had, the scripter has responded to me as fast as he could. Buying this was one of my best decisions for 07.
  5. When it's thieving from HAM members, it'll get knocked out and it tries to drop items, but none of them drop until you wake back up. It then has to repeat the entire dropping process again in order to drop the items. I hope that makes sense.
  6. Looking good. Will definitely be testing this.
  7. Been running a few hours and so far it is running perfect. The only thing that's weird is that while it's running somewhere, it will click on the map in the same spot twice instead of just once. I don't think it's caused by lag, but idk. Edit: Just noticed it's misclicking a lot while it's trying to pickpocket. Not sure if it's client side or not though.
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