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  1. Are u selling RS 3 or RS 07 GP : 07 Amount you want to sell : 27m What payment option : BTC How did u contact me (Skype/Live Chat) : Skype - jamesiwin
  2. Hey there, Selling 27m 07 via BTC only. I think a fair price is $1.5/m Post skypes below =]
  3. Hey there, Add my skype: jamesiwin $1.8/m seems fair
  4. Guess I'll check out other websites then lol
  5. Yea so since I'm an occasional seller I should lose out on 37% of what my gold is worth? Cause thats what the majority of their markup is, sometimes even more
  6. I literally asked yohojo, Kaii, Jimsky88, r2pleasent and they are all selling over $2.2/m I'm not really trying to sell to one of those people since they flip gold for a profit, im trying to sell to someone who wants to buy gold but cheaper than those expensive flippers.
  7. Well I see all the sellers selling them at like 2.2/m so it seems fair at $2/m. $1.6/m is incredibly low though no chance sorry
  8. BTC only looking for a decent rate, $2/m seems fair Skype: jamesiwin
  9. Hey, @TRiLeZ Used the trial and loved it. On this thread you stated that you get unlimited instances but on the repository it says instances per auth 1. If you could fix this so I can buy the script and run it on more than 1 account.
  10. Would you be able to write an essay for me which is 1 page, 5 paragraphs. It's about the Shakespeare play Macbeth
  11. I got one of these accounts made for 10m on a different forums and the guy was trusted. Nothing against your service but considering your new here, a price change could definitely help you get started. Goodluck!
  12. Few issues I've noticed (ran this script for nearly 2 years now back when you were selling it for 10m 07 lifetime ) - Doesn't distract eyes even though I have the option selected. - When running towards zammy mage sometimes clicks above the minimap and stands there for a 4-5 seconds. - Sometimes doesn't empty all my pouches when at the altar. Other than that everything is running smooth. Would like to see the distract eyes working again ASAP please.
  13. Hey! Thanks for the response, I will be purchasing VIP extended tomorrow, and will run 1 hour of USA and compare it to 1 hour trial of yours using the same account. I will post a pic of the amount of runes crafted on each bot and also i will watch them both to see which i think is a better/safer script
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