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  1. well im going to make 10 accounts a do the tutorial the dar way XDDD ill tell you how it went
  2. im not boting 24 h i just complet tut island an close tri bot until today i reglog and evvery account was banned
  3. yes thats it and thats why i ask for help becouse im new to botting
  4. the thing is i dndt bot shit... i pass the tut and wait until today and sudenly.. BOOOM EVERY FUCKING ACCOUNT BANNED
  5. so that is what is getting me banned?
  6. the start tutorali tool script "EXtutorial" and thats it
  7. .... Im loosing it.... i dont know what im doing wrong but i got banned 34 accounts ( diferent ip) without surpasing the 24h trading cap. Can someonoe tel me wha tis the procedure to create a botting account on rs 07 wich will live long enought to trade a bit a making profit..... and surpasin that 24 h. any help will be apreciated
  8. Hey! im pretty new in botting , ive started wo days ago , and i got 20 accounts banned making no profit at all, and i like to know if there is come kind of guide or advice you can give me on how to be a better an more profitable botter, thanks!
  9. oh dam! than you very much bro! really apreciated it
  10. yes but what i ment is... how do i do it inside the TRiBot? i have 16 bg ram
  11. Hey how can i make the Heap space bigger?