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  1. CS:GO and League Boosting Service Opened.

  2. EasyGoldStop

    What is up with support? Fraudulent

    Cant be on a proxy or VPN and your address and everything has to match up pretty much precise to your location.
  3. EasyGoldStop

    How to change PP email on my account?

    I believe you need to contact an administrator to change it, I could be wrong though but contacting one wouldn't hurt.
  4. EasyGoldStop

    Where can i find my IP and port for my proxy?

    If you need a proxy I sell for 3.25 ea
  5. EasyGoldStop

    Fradulent message from attempting to buy VIP

    Well its because you are trying to checkout with either fraudulent names not being your real name or your IP is to far away from your actual location. Either you are on a VPS, VPN or a proxy in which it will not let you checkout. You need to be on your home IP which will match the location of your checkout billing information which will match the information on your card or paypal account. All your information needs to be true and valid from point A to B. Then it will let you checkout.
  6. EasyGoldStop


    Feel free to add my skype james.horvak-easygoldstop for a private proxy.
  7. EasyGoldStop

    proxy helps,

    I sent you a pm on this thanks
  8. EasyGoldStop


    Means you are either trying to buy them from a proxy or a VPN or something that is not merely close to your actual location, or some information is not adding up so it is sending you to fraud its basic company security.
  9. EasyGoldStop

    Confused how Proxies work

    Feel free to contact me on skype james.horvak-easygoldstop I can help you out with the whole process. To answer some of your questions do 1 proxy per 1 account. They usually range from $3-$5 per proxy.
  10. EasyGoldStop


    You would need to buy proxies now.
  11. EasyGoldStop

    Problems running the bot on CentOS 6.6 (64 Bit)

    Downgrade to 6.5 mate.
  12. Abyss Crafting Features! Normal crafting Features!: Pouch Retrieval Tool: FAQ: Setting up the script NORMAL CRAFTING SETUP: POUCH RETRIEVAL TOOL SETUP: HOW TO RUNECRAFT?: SCRIPT ARGUMENT TO SKIP GUI: ABYSS crafting argument: GET YOUR Dynamic Signature: BUG FORMAT (USE IT IF YOU WANT HELP): GUI/ Proggies/ info: BAN DISCUSSION: Could the master me ran manually ?
  13. EasyGoldStop


    I believe it should work with VIP also man maybe the proxy you have is not working properly or something.
  14. EasyGoldStop

    This bot vs another

    What a retarded post by far.