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  1. CS:GO and League Boosting Service Opened.

  2. PM sent.
  3. I am always buying gold 2.0-2.1 add my skype james.horvak-easygoldstop
  4. I can help you with this problem simply re install CentOS 64 bit
  5. Pretty much nothing you can do about it sellers are 100% protected against virtual transactions, if you read the paypal AUP it tells you about all of that you need to contact and talk to the seller directly.
  6. Sorry everyone I have been offline for a bit now on vacation, I am updating our network and putting all new server orders online. We usually do not put them online on weekends, but since I have some time ill put the 35 pending servers online. If you have any questions feel free to email me @ [email protected]
  7. What quest you need?
  8. Going good for me.
  9. Cant be on a proxy or VPN and your address and everything has to match up pretty much precise to your location.
  10. 2 proxies = 2 characters correct and yep to the second you can set your IP's up in tribot.
  11. Use a proxy because you can separate then account each to a different proxy.
  12. Update to CentOS 6.5 if you need help message me.