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  1. 38384499 klmnyy

  2. u need to have more than 5 at bank have like 10 preferably
  3. you will need to screenshare me your issues and ill help you out you have my skype
  4. you enter each id individuallt and click add
  5. care to mention which location this is happening in i just tested and the script was working fine with me
  6. you go to the npcs, the one by the balloon , then on the client click debug then choose npcs and you will see his id
  7. if there are still issues contact me via skype and i will resolve them.
  8. i will check this and upload an update
  9. contact me on skype if there are still problems
  10. make sure to use one food atleast
  11. just tested yanillle and its working, i think its because you guys are getting the older version of the script i will upload the script again someone confirm to me that you see the new gui it should be up by now
  12. just checked taverly and its working can anyone please confirm that this is the GUI you see http://puu.sh/7Xrq6.png
  13. Ardy works, need acc for yanille and im working on taverly