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  1. it's already going for 25 hours straight using it fists cause it died to a goblin rofl.
  2. gold prices will go down alot lolol. going strong for 2.5hours atm
  3. title says it all suicide botting on a lv3 account on goblins in lumbridge to see howlong it lasts lol.
  4. i'm quite newb at scripting so i don't even know what sockets are
  5. ye the mouse and the screen would move separate for every account but would thieving be better here cause with the clickbox. isn't it worth to try it out?
  6. let's say that i'm mining coal in the mining guild and that there are 10 other clients that do the just same action or clicking as my account that i'm playing. is this possible to make?
  7. made 5 newbie accounts yesterday all 5 where banned in a 24 hours range made 5 more let's see what happens
  8. First of all this is a great script that can run flawless i've used it 6 hours+ without the script stopping. But sometimes it's so slow finding the green dragons/picking up the loot that it decreases my gp/hour so much.. i'm standing next to a green dragon but the bot decides to click on the minimap to find another green dragon btw what's that abc2 thing? edit: it's so bizar the script does the banking so efficient but when it comes at the green dragons it's just gone
  9. the script doesn't find my lobsters is there a specific place i need to put them in the bank?
  10. hello i'm trying to use the trial version but for some reason it doesn't want to start i have no clue what i'm doing wrong i followed the guide and everything edit: found it i forgot to put in the items i'm wearing! lol
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