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  1. 1 unoted clay , 1 law, 1 fire rune and have air staff equipped. problem solved.
  2. As stated on title. I'm looking to buy all twitch prime that hasn't claim 14 days runescape membership yet. Looking to buy bulk as well but wouldn't go first unless you're well rep. Leave a reply with your offer or send me a PM :)) Thank you.
  3. Edit: Never mind. just noticed there's another new promotion on going with twitch prime xd
  4. First of all, their website itself is rigged. I don't know if you agree. But as a player on Runebet myself, as well as my all my others friend. We have concluded it is rigged on their roulette, and blackjack table. I've seen way too many complaints as well by others agreeing several claims. Of course, you can disagree since you've won 6B. We won't deny that we won from their site and we eventually lost if all back because "house always win" But we can for sure confirmed that the roulette and blackjack game are being constantly watched. Especially if you are constantly hitting the winning numbers. I honestly don't believe in their "probably fair" scheme. Neither their hashed codes. Sorry for your lost, had heard this from my friend about someone got banned after winning 6B. Pretty sure it was you i guess? Hope you can retrieve them, wish you best of luck. Else, never step into their site again. Most people have move on to discord ones. Runebet scams the rich to feed the poor, poor introduce their rich friends. That is how it is still alive and standing. Sorry if i'm not allow to post in dispute. But just voicing out because im a victim as well. (I got perm banned with balance too as well as in their discord to prevent me from contacting)
  5. The latest update has issue with multiple instance open on 1 tribot client. I keep getting crashed if i were to open more than 5 instance. There wasn't such issue on previous few updates. I've been stucked here for quite sometime and even if i were to run 1 client per LG, it does crash as well. I have no idea how i'm going to resolve the issue i am having. Recently just extended my VIP and script duration and seems like it is all to waste. Same goes to my servers. Not complaining, but just hoping everyday get fixed.
  6. ohhhh. i got it now! Didn't notice dec had 31 days as well hahaha. Thanks for clarifying!
  7. Brought a script on 29th night and it expired on the 28th night? Isn't that 29 days subscription instead of 30? Also this month has a 31st. Am i counting it wrongly?
  8. client is still dead for me as well. Script will automatically stop without any error shown on bot debug or client debug as well as not running any breaks. Pretty sure it is not a script issue either since previous tribot version this does not happen. Now it seems like every 4 hours, all my script instances will automatically stop.
  9. 5x above as in 5x 7 days membership right? How do we deal if i were to buy? Any maximum that you could do?
  10. should put it this way.. If your script ban rate isn't high, at most it would reach 7 days or 10 days before a ban hits. would you buy a 14 days or 7 days? If you were to lower it to 1.5m/7 days. I would buy it. Seems fair 14 days = 3m, 7 days = 1.5m
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