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  1. Script is still not working, client has not been updated then i presume
  2. What's the quickest way to find out the client has been updated other than to keep checking the site 24/7 until you know its updated? And where do you check. Thanks
  3. Interesting, I'm going to suicide bot this progressive 1-99 and see how it turns out lol
  4. Following and GL sir
  5. I recommend YoHojo`s proxies but I`m sure there are other good ones out there aswell, just do your research before you purchase anything and you`ll be fine
  6. Jad

  7. I do but lmao are you able to have a set camera angle when botting, or ?
  8. How do you set a Camera angle?
  9. @xCode . Mine keeps putting it in the wrong formation numerous times. and eventually seems more like a bot if it keeps trying to place more down with spam. But yeah, other than that, pretty good
  10. When it's hunting Birds, sometimes it misclicks off of its set formation (when it can only place one or two snares because of the level) and it'll set up the snare not within the formation. If any extra snares are in the inventory, it'll spam click the other snares as if it can set up a new snare, when in turn it has a max amount of snares down. So it gets stuck sometimes.
  11. Awesome, good job @TRiLeZ!
  12. did you try restarting your client
  13. @erickho123 UPDATE ---- It`s working after deleting the hooks.dat file only . as of right now. appreciate the help sir
  14. http://i.imgur.com/xZJUu3Q.png thats what it says when i try.. nothing else is open
  15. Do i delete the whole jagex cache, or only what is inside the cache. i just deleted my hooks.dat file