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Gold Scythe

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  1. Gold Scythe

    [SCRIPT] B94WildyLooter Edgeville Wilderness Looter! [SCRIPT]

    What am I doing wrong ? Has been running for 1 hour died three times looted 0 things.
  2. Gold Scythe

    TRiBot Release 9.229_0

    Super, can't wait to buy the VIP trail but no one wants to tell me a credit :'(.
  3. Gold Scythe

    Wilderness looter!

  4. Gold Scythe

    Wilderness looter!

  5. Gold Scythe

    |w| Planker [completely re-written 2.0]

    Worthy ? Nah sorry worthless bot got me banned after 1 hour. Gf my only 07 acc
  6. Gold Scythe

    Wilderness looter!

    Yes hopefully someone will make it.
  7. Gold Scythe

    Wilderness looter!

    Requesting a wilderness looter that picks up wealthy items in the wildy. The current one in the repository is broken.
  8. Gold Scythe

    |w| Planker [completely re-written 2.0]

    Testing it now. Will post my 1 hour proggy soon. edit: after 30 mins told me out of logs while I had 11k logs.