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  1. What the hell i left my account for 5 hours and it got stuck on fally bank clicking nothing. Then i tried other bots, and got banned
  2. So do you mean you payed and didint get credits at all? Does that mean TriBot trick you or you need to wait a while for it to activate? I was using google chrome then tried on other browsers, but now i find out that paypal users could be 14+ years so i will not use mastercard or something. However i am still not sure if i would pay for credits cause im afraid they could trick me. My fraps crashed i cant record but it easy to understand: So yeah when i am on purchase credits site i choose 8 credits and Stripe (credit card) and then try to press Purchase. However it doesnt load anything i cant press it. That's it. Theres no errors or anything.
  3. What an annoying bug i cant withstand it. I want to buy a f***in Extended Vip. I created a bank, then bought visa credit card just to buy that damn vip and earn much coins. However I CANT CAUSE WHEN I TRY TO BUY SOME CREDITS FOR IT I JUST CANT PRESS TO PAY, theres no internet glitch or something i tried to pay on all the browsers i had. WHAT TO DO? I cant buy a damn PayPal which i would try to pay with and then fail because it wouldn't click pay, because im under 18 years old. Once again what to do? IM sorry im very mad and now after i typed this post i feel like a arrogant kid. sorry if u cant understand, have bad english.
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