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  1. I'd literally love it if you can tell me how far you got with this script. I WANT TO USE IT but i dont want to get banned. I honestly used every precaution man. maybe botting at motherload isnt a great idea
  2. @aropupu Why did you delete my previous comment about how i got banned and what i used. LITERALLY every single precaution in the WORLD of tribot and osrs to not get banned. and i got banned. I'm a 100% sure it was your script, not "human" enough fam. Ive been botting for years and i trusted your script but it didn't work. Refund please, also i cant even log into osrs haha.
  3. I havent used daxHunter in a while. But i guess you have to trust that its got good anti ban default settings. Other than that, if theres an option for anti ban make sure its on and on the highest setting. Other than that, use breaks for about 20% of your run time and dont bot more than 12 hours.
  4. Set the bot up with settings that mirror your personal game play. i would also advise to not bot more than 10-12 hours a day. thats clearly asking for a ban. some may disagree
  5. Hey tri, added on skype. would like a hand with sand/rock crabs. I am not sure how to do it and all the other scripts won't keep the runes when resupplying at the bank. hoping yours will work for me
  6. @Mute Hey how can i resupply and keep my runes in my inventory while at east rockcrabs
  7. Can i please have a refund. The script won't enter my friends house. Try it yourself.
  8. 1ready

    Tutorial for Safe Botting

    This is such bullshit advice. You can't bot. Fullstop. If you disagree, before replying post a video and prrof of stats of you botting this day making money I would love to see it. Because i know for a fact you get banned within one week. fucking tribot scum cunt
  9. 1ready

    AlphaCrafter Pro

    Alphadog you would get a lot more buyers if you implemented abcl2 just saying.
  10. 1ready

    xHunter [Free] [ABCL10] [Birds & Chins]

    Can you confirm this has ABCL2 lvl 10???
  11. Hey there, This is simple, it's a good idea. I haven't seen a script yet. Death platau quest is required\ Entrance to warriors guild is required. The script will buy climbing boots from Tenzing (12 gp each) until inventory is full, then run to warriors guild and go inside the band to deposit the boots. Then go back and buy more boots, rinse/repeat. If you can do one run in 5-6 minutes it's 216-250k profit/hr
  12. 1ready

    Climbing boots buyer script REQUEST

    Agh, right. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not on tribot. I appreciate tribot though so I'll stay loyal. Yeah that's exactly right, it would crash that idea 110%. I may just have to learn how to code and make one myself and NOT put it publicly. The offer is still out there for any scripters though...
  13. 1ready

    Planker 5000 [ AIO Planker ]

    Still works flawlessley
  14. No defend option? why and where? It's attacking, but im not doing enough damage to get points. Fix this script.
  15. 1ready

    USA Prayer (Simple Bone Burrier)

    Doesn't close the bank after it takes the bones out, "buries" them but puts it back into the back haha. Is there a way I can edit the script to close the bank? I have some decent coding skills.
  16. 1ready

    TRiBot Release 9.230_0

    Thanks for the swegs
  17. 1ready

    TRiBot Release 9.229_0

    It's not working right now right??
  18. 1ready

    TRiBot Release 9.229_0

    Does this tribot (osrs) need to be updated? I start a script and nothing happens. LIke it doesn;t even say it started, it gives me the option to start a script...
  19. 1ready

    Auto log in

    Hey, I am looking for a way for Tribot to auto log in. My internet always cuts out and I get send back to the login screen, it's very frustrating.