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  1. @Naton I love your script and have used it extensively with range, and just starting with mage now. After it runs out of potions and restocks it doesen't reset the magic ability so it just logs out, any chance you could fix this? Cheers
  2. Title says all, it should not be too much coding at all, leave discord below please.
  3. @Naton I think the update broke it, I start the script and nothing happens
  4. @TScripts Hey I made an account just to test this for you, so far the only issue was it getting stuck on the north side 2nd floor, trying to hometele when home tele was already 5 minutes away. So it just sat there spamming home tele, instead of going up stairs.
  5. @Usa I recently bought pretty hard into this yesterday, the only flaw that I have that ruins it is when it misc licks on the voting poll in edge/castle wars bank. It will just sit there endless for hours and not do anything, could you have a look please?
  6. @Usa thanks for lava update! you're killing it, My GDK has been running pretty smooth besides when it hits edgeville, it sometimes opens the voting poll, is there a chance you could add in a function to see if it has, and then cancel it? because it just clicks it, then gets stuck Regards,!
  7. I think this a great addition to tribot @TRiLeZ @Todd ,the good premium scripters @Usa @Worthy deserve to be paid more considering how high quality some of there scripts are, if people are not willing to spend money, let them run away to shitty bots, loyal people will stay. At the end of day it will increase scripters motivation to produce more high quality scripts, and with Todd working support and Trilez working on better anti-ban, Idk how anyone could ask for more, the world changes, adapt and move on, Cheers guys!
  8. @Usa Hey cheif, just bought this to test aswell, when it goes to autocast it clicks on book, and then doesn't do anything? I guess the ID of fire strike or something along those lines has changed, I double checked I had fire strike, and it just sat there. Cheers
  9. @Usa Recently purchased this script and was just wondering if you could fix it hopping to a deadman worlds, it hopped and then breaks, thanks boss!
  10. 10/10, Checked as you released, really good job Worthy once again!
  11. @Worthy hey Worthy, I want to join the discord, I have tried links from the actual script and here and it says the link is old, or invalid or expired, any ideas
  12. Does anyone know/run mage only accounts, how do they go? kills/hr? etc
  13. People who run this, I got perm ban on main before ( no biggieish XD) does anyone bot the acutal accounts stats, and if you do, do you bot on a proxy for it?
  14. Confirm working, and no I was not at any time Worthy