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  1. @J J sir, i have just deleted and re installed tribot and it still does the same thing.. i dont know what to do.. it used to work perfect for me.. now i cant get it to work for me.. i dont understand.. andi walk into middle of room. and get all npcs i can.. and i do same thing ive always done.. and used to work.. but now doesnt.. he clicks weirdly around map and kinda side click swipes.. sometimes goes in black area... im fighting hill giants.. and ive tried.. other npcs.. btu none works. can u please help
  2. im having troubles as of recently .. i just installed looking glass.. and now my script wont work,. it seems if it was jagex or that... it does bones to peaches tabs... uses mypots.. and eats foods.. but wont click on monsters.. and i just clicks on floor randomly...???? and kinda sideclick swipes....? i have right click off... idk whats going on can u please help? should i uninstalll tribot and reinstall
  3. i need to talk to jj's aio fighter.. but i am new and have no idea how to locate the way to dicsuss this with him.. or how to fix my problem.. i tried again after this update.. and stil.. bot clicks around.. like a idiot and idk what id going on.. he uses his bones to peaches... uses str pots.. but wont click on monsters...clicks n slides like a idiot.. and i shut off the walays right click thing.. so it isnt that.. hes just being a dink.. and idk why.. should i uninstall tri bot? and reinstall? and if i did would ihave to redo looking glass??
  4. i would likea powerleveling service.. do i have to message you for quote?
  5. whats a good place to even train then? thats close to a bank for a 1 def pure.. lol?
  6. yes there is.. my combat fighers jjs aio.. does bones to peaches.. and i just buy them and use them.. they not to horribly spendy,
  7. opinions on this?? or should i use regular food? buti can stay longer with bones to peaches.. but does it seem to bot like>
  8. nice where are u training if u dont mind me asking? can maybe Pm me it? i heard a few good things about that script.
  9. anyhelp please? thanks i use jjs aio fighter atm.. it works but i have been getting banned not sure if its even a premium script? but just wanted to know your guys opinion .. thanks
  10. contact you internet provider.. and simply ask them to change your ip. reason due to your account being hacked and it wont let you play again without a different ip.. its how ive gotten mine changed. hpe it helps u
  11. market section? o my bad did i post in wrong place... where is the market area located on page
  12. so i can keep on botting? its not a bad thing then i assume thanks for quick responses ! i usually only bot for 5-8 hrs a day anyways to seem more human like myself lol
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