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  1. @Aropupu any chance on mousekey dropping support? New version is running great for me and this would make it perfect EDIT: Bug report. When hunting Salamanders, if a net trap has fallen but is not on screen, the script will idle indefinitely until the rope and net despawn. Turning the camera to the trap will fix this issue, indicating that this is a camera related problem. STACK TRACES:
  2. disable graphics in tribot helps too
  3. That DGnomeAgility thread. Unfortunately the posts have been deleted by a mod now Was hilarious, I should have screencapped it
  4. I don't want to throw any shade here at Montreal, I'm not saying he hacked you, but hasn't there been a shitload of people claim to get hacked through using his proxies? Not saying it is him directly but maybe someone has found a vulnerability in his services without him knowing. As far as I can tell there are three possibilities here that make sense - Jagex cleared you, someone hacked you through Montreal, or your accounts simply died and you lost your stuff that way (lol).
  5. idk fam definitely not tribot since all scripts are scanned for malicious code, and I'm pretty sure theres failsafes in place to prevent this kind of thing happening at all. But holy shit guys, read that thread, this guy cannon has a complete meltdown over getting banned lol
  6. Happy birthday Mute!
  7. As in FL Studio beats? Heaps of tutorials on youtube, this channel is a good place to start
  8. Maybe Post has stopped making new accounts
  9. I did a f2p ironman for the lols, got it to about 600 total level botting 15 hours a day and roughly 2m bank, but then a strange thing happened. Instead of banning the account, it was simply reset with the ironman status removed. This was about 3 months ago.
  10. Are we witnessing the birth of a new copypasta
  11. @TRiLeZ Description of the bug (be specific): all interfaces are broken in Looking Glass, apart from inventory. All information about the interfaces returns null. GIF - http://i.imgur.com/T1k9L3X.gifv edit - it seems the bank interface also works, but the rest are still broken. I have tried all common solutions - deleting cached clients, deleting hooks.dat, etc etc How often the bug occurs: 100% of the time Triggers of the bug (if known): using looking glass Java version: 8u91 Max Heap Size: 512mb TRiBot client version: 9.303_3 Looking Glass (yes/no): YES Operating System: win7 Script Name: irrelevant TRiBot Old-School or RS3: osrs Client Debug: n/a Bot Debug: n/a Screenshots (if any):
  12. All of the interfaces for the tabs seem to be broken (eg Stats, equipment, prayer, spellbook, etc..) apart from inventory. Open interface explorer and check any of those, it will show up on the top-left side of the screen instead of where the interface actually is. I have deleted hooks, cached clients and script.ini and the problem persists. EG:
  13. have you got a regular client open as well
  14. It's been about 3 days actually
  15. It is slower for everyone, it's just in the nature of how it works. A faster computer may help but it's still going to be kind of slow. And yes there is a bug at the moment we are waiting on Trilez to fix, LG is not working for 99% of scripts.
  16. I assume you can grab the value of your current absorption from that interface, could just check if it is null or <1 ? Curious though, why are you waiting until it runs out anyway?
  17. Idk man, like in reality there are just too many factors for Assume to ever make this script work how you want it to. Realistically he would need to completely re-write the whole script, to account for everything from non-linear execution patterns to randomized condition triggers, to ABC implementation, and all the rest of it. If you want to farm gold with a bunch of accounts, this is not the script you are looking for. Either check out Tau's script (can't remember the name, its similar to this script though), or pay a scripter to write you a private script, or just learn Java yourself. For me, this script fills a niche for unique activities that I need done on one account at a time, mostly bankstanding, and it does the job fine. As I said, it has gotten me multiple 99s on multiple accounts without a ban. Oh and just for the record, anti-ban involving autotypers has historically been incredibly ineffective and only ever led to increased bans. However your idea of randomly executing x,y,z blocks is a decent idea and many scripters use this already, if what you are talking about is like patterns for how the script behaves in general.
  18. @Imanoobbot 1. Image guide 2. Exact coordinates. I don't recommend using that ever, unless absolutely necessary. Don't use it on an account you care about. 3. You can't. I think AI Antiban (tribot's basic antiban) runs with this script but I'm not 100% sure. 4. Probably have to use exact coordinates. Shop interfaces uses components which are not supported by Logic Pro. I've asked assume before and he said he would add them but nothing has been done yet. @RawrChad Yeah the antiban is not great, but if you're just bankstanding or doing something very basic it works excellently. I've achieved 99 magic (tan leather and stun alching), cooking, fletching, herblore, crafting etc. all from this script multiple times with no ban. Use it wisely though. I've found using webwalking tends to get accounts detected very quickly. I recommend just bankstanding with this script unless you're prepared for bans. @hue123some Not currently supported unless you use exact coordinates. Not recommended unless you're botting throwaways. @dragon.knight12377 That is not the ID of the trade interface. Refer to my image guide on how to use interface explorer. You want to add the global parent/child ID, not the unique one.
  19. Guys, Weath has been on vacation. Bans will be rolling in this week. Although there are other anti-cheat staff but they are not as good as Weath, he's still training them. So you might have seen a few bans. I've noticed player reports have a big impact as well, I tested this out by reporting one of my accounts and it got banned very quickly after that, all the other accounts still untouched.
  20. - Did you have emails linked to the accounts? If so, were they compromised? - Close all programs and follow these steps. The pictures don't work but that's ok. http://hforhacker.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/use-netstat-to-find-keyloggers-and-rats.html Let us know if you find anything suspicious. - What were the common factors between all the accounts that were hacked? Did you have more accounts which were not hacked? Were all the accounts on the same computer? - Other than the proxy, how else could anyone have learned your email and password for the accounts? Have you downloaded anything recently or visited any websites without a strong reputation?
  21. [citation needed], works absolutely fine for me and everyone I know. If you're goldfarming with looking glass, please just leave. Implying he's not going to have "serious lag issues" connecting to a Windows box? And it's not hard at all to learn any Linux OS command language, Swagg is a programmer so he will have no trouble, I taught myself Ubuntu in a matter of an hour or two. It is extremely simple. Any gold-farmer will back this up. And Ubuntu is much less demanding on RAM than Windows is.
  22. Linux is much more efficient than Windows. In particular, Ubuntu or Debian are the best in my opinion. There are lots of guides for setting up a server with a quick google search if it doesn't come set up already. Just search "[OS name] VNC tutorial" or something. Looks good, price is reasonable. OVH are the best in my opinion. That server can run 20+ easily, yes.
  23. Yeah I was just guiding him on where to look, but yeah you should use the interface class for sure.
  24. Fairy ring interface parent = 398 Children 19 through 25 should be the rotation buttons, and 26 is "Confirm".
  25. Try to avoid using static sleeps, instead use conditional sleeps when you are waiting for a specific event to occur.