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  1. If you're still having problems with this, let me know I work from a linux computer, I can help too
  2. I can help with this, how much are you paying? Skype:Tryptophan Tribot
  3. Tryptophan

    Tribot Classes

    I've been making bots for Tribot for a good couple of weeks now and I've had this recurring issue with all my scripts. It's really confusing as to why it happens and makes the bot seem very bot like. Without further ado, here's what happens: It seems that what happens - whenever I use a class, and it can be any class, but it seems that it happens most often with the Banking sub-classes- is that when you use a while loop on it: ie. while(!Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){ sleep(100, 200); Banking.openBankBooth(); sleep(100, 200);}The bot will just sit there for up to 20 seconds and do nothing, then finally, it will open the Bank Booth. I believe I've had the same problem with openBank(); And I think I've even had this problem when planting a seed, I really don't understand why the bot would just stand there sleeping for like 10-20 seconds when I don't tell it to. It really doesn't make sense, so if anyone could shed some light on why this happens, that would be great. thanks in advance -Tryptophan
  4. @Jazed You're obviously not a hacker if you don't suffer extreme paranoia using an application like Skype to talk about anything even slightly related to your hacking habits.
  5. @Sphiinx omigosh, tysm, resizable mode was the problem, it's been like 6 months since I used Tribot and I forgot that using fixed mode was a thing. You're awesome dude, I'm gonna go finish my script now
  6. @swagg alright, I used "WebWalking.walkto(theTile);" and it seems to be having the same issues, it sorta just clicks right under the compass over and over and that's it.. any suggestions?
  7. Hey guys, I'm working on my first script, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the "Walking.walkTo()" method, I assumed I'd be able to just do "Walking.walkTo(anyRSTile)" but whenever I put in an RSTile that can't be found within the immediate vicinity, it doesn't work. EDIT: Also, I just noticed, when I use "Walking.walkTo(RSTile)" it goes to a different tile than the one I specified. 1. Is there a limit on how far away the RSTile can be? 2. Is there a better function to use for walking than "Walking.walkTo()"
  8. Oh, I see. I just assumed that when you said some scripts offer bulk deals, you were referring to your Rune Crafting script. But thank you for the info, you've been very helpful.
  9. Awesome, thanks for the info, for now I only plan to invest in one auth. But I would still love to hear about those bulk deals you offer, should I PM you for the details? @erickho123
  10. Say I wanted to get a 30 Dollar auth for ExRunecrafter, what are all the limitations I might have on that authorization, and will I be able to access the script from a different IP address than the IP I bought it from?
  11. @erickho123, I'm very sorry to hear that, but maybe this is a sign that you should focus on ExRunecrafter. After all, it is one of your best scripts, and I'm sure most of your fans wouldn't mind it, myself included But still, this may result in a major loss for you. So I wish you the best of luck in recovering your scripts.
  12. Alright, thanks Erickho! I've noticed you are very involved in Tribot and I'm actually considering buying you're runecrafting script. I've just got a few more things I need to figure out. Again, thanks for the help and I hope you stay with Tribot for a long time because it needs more involved and experienced users like you ^.^
  13. I bought a VIP trial at 12:44 AM PST Yesterday. Then today at 8 PM, April 6th, I was offered the option to upgrade my VIP to VIP Extended for only $2 more. I decided I would accept this offer, but to my dismay, when I clicked on the offer it instantly ended my VIP Trial, so now I can't test all the scripts I planned to. So I should Have another 14 hours left to test the premium scripts. No, I should have another 30 days to test the premium scripts, but now I've got nothing, all because I clicked on that stupid offer that was supposed to be good until tomorrow. If someone could please inform me on what exactly happened, I would greatly appreciate it, this whole thing is really annoying, especially since I needed to test a couple of the mining bots and money making scripts before I could be sure about using Tribot for gold farming on OSRS. Any help/info is appreciated, thank you, Tryptophan
  14. @lmfaoown How do you pay with Bitcoin? For me, I enter the amount of credits I want to buy, then it just redirects me to a page that says " Please remember to send the exact amount of bitcoins. Sending any more or less will result in a failed transaction." And nothing else, no links, no bitcoin address, just a bunch of words that are completely useless, so I have no clue what to do next.
  15. Alright. I just saw that Trilez uploaded the source for jAnkous and thought we might be lucky enough to get the source on the Ape Atoll script.
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