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  1. @erickho123 welp ggs, only 200k or so, not too muffed, still a fast service, thanks anyway. make it so when ordering credits in the credit shop it only lets you type in whole numbers if that's the case. Will buy again.
  2. bought 6.5 credits, paid 3.575m and only got 6 credits.. anyway i can get that .5 credit or pay for the rest of the 7th credit??
  3. is it worth getting a coal bag if youre only going to be doing steel bars?
  4. Bug report: While smithing addy plates in Varrock, sometimes it will smith three plates then start to run to bank, it will see the mistake then run back and finish the last two plates. Also, the xp counter in the graphic part of the script is messed up, for the xp gained it shows my total xp as soon as I start the script. Edit: Paint error was fixed
  5. Just bought 8 credits and already used them to buy a script! Great service, will use again!
  6. Have the same coal problem as epics, although only doing 17 bars is due to not enough coal to addy ratio at the time the bars are smelt. This leaves like 10 addy ore in the machine and 2 coal, thus only getting 17 bars from the bar pick up. And for the love of god, if you have more than one bot running, make one of them aio mode so that everyone can get more than 700 bars p/h.
  7. is there a way to get one of those progress things you have in your bio thing, except instead of all users, just mine?
  8. Does this script still have a high ban rate?
  9. Thanks Trilez works now!
  10. Anyone found a fix possibly?
  11. where's the direct download for v3.013, can only find the tribot loader
  12. i paid for a premium script and vip and can't use either...
  13. trust me ive redownloaded everything twice...
  14. Description of the bug (be specific): Whenever I try to open TriBot, it tries to load it up, but nothing happens. How often the bug occurs: Just started yesterday after the new update, hasn't worked since Triggers of the bug (if known): no idea Java version: I've tried a version of java 7, java 8 u 31 and java 8 u 40 Max Heap Size: can't get to this point TRiBot client version: had v3.012(deleted cause wasn't working either), now the loader won't even work Operating System: win 8 Script Name: Tribot loader TRiBot Old-School or RS3: os Client Debug: Bot Debug: Screenshots (if any):
  15. how can i delete all files associated with tribot, so that when i download the loader it's like a fresh start? Edit: or is there a way to get tribotv3.013 directly, cause the loader wont open at all.