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  1. ghioni

    Botting on main.

    alright, il wait until sunday :). thx for the responses!
  2. ghioni

    Botting on main.

    Yo, this last month i been botting on my main with a pay proxy. but now that my proxy ran out, and im thinkin im gonna chill with the botting for a while and play legit :). My question: Is it just to log on from my home IP now ? cuz im thinkin its wierd that i just logged in from another country or should i be offline 2 days before loggin in from home.
  3. English i suppose, considering his name "aussieguy".
  4. Hi, i get this message (read title) when i try to Start a script. Its been like this for 2 days now. I re installed the bot, i restarted my computer but that doesnt seem to fix it.
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