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  1. Lugia1

    Checking Who's in Clan Chat

    If you are still stuck, as the methods are static, you can call the methods using Classname.methodname It says in the post how to do it and it's quite self explanatory (if you know the basics of Java). It's worth learning the basics before attempting to script (If you don't already). It would be similar to reading an English book without knowing English (Would be extremely difficult, would encounter many problems, very inefficient, etc).
  2. Lugia1

    Getting quest points

  3. Lugia1

    Getting quest points

    Hello, I was wondering what was is the easiest way to check how many quest points the account has - I cannot see an obvious method for it on the docs. Thanks,
  4. Lugia1

    Tutorial for Safe Botting

    Yea, good advice - Taking breaks and switching up what you do time to time I believe helps a lot too.