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  1. where is the download link? want to try it out
  2. thank you ,i made it already,and yes,it works good.
  3. i dont know does the API works on multithreading? and how to add thread on scripts? for example : i want to keep all 3-4 running multithreading in a time on scripts,how to add thread to the script?
  4. I ran it with 50 attack, 50 strength and 68 def You should be fine with 50-60 attack 50+ strength and 40+ def im at 60/65/60 atm, with rune scim/full rune set/glory/comb/ring of life.no cape how much exp /h do u think it have?
  5. This is not true at all this happens if your using a the walking method to nats right now all the other methods are fine. Iv ran for 12hours+ using fairly rings method on a quite world and still have the account now im sad to say that ,i used the fairly rings method too,boted 3days,8hours/12hours/4hours,but get baned now.it cost me about 2hours to run the fairly quest,and almost a whole day to bot the stats for quest req.
  6. i just want to say that nat altar is restricted area now,u will take too many report till ur account got baned.so,the price is not depends on how many nats it made per hour ,its depends on how long ur account can survive.id love to see u got new method on anti-ban and hope it works good.yeah i know u are a good programer,maybe u got good idea ,anyway i just hope so..good luck and keep ur hard work .salute
  7. i think too many ppl got baned these days,includ nat run,law rune,magic chopper/yew chopper/shark/flax/BS.
  8. I recommend doing ::hideroof while running this, will help just a bitPost bugs if you find any. A bug IS NOT that it doesn't complete a random event or whatever, that's the bot's job. Also don't post that it takes too long to find the pure essence, that's the API :/ I did my best Instead of just leeching the script, try to remember that a simple thanks goes a long way. This had 10,000 users on wBot and 50 users max thanked me. Post proggies too! I'll put the best proggies in the OP. If you'd like to make a small donation either via PayPal or RSGP, send me a PM. If you want to request a new feature or new script either post here or PM me. Some proggies: In keeping with the TRiBot requirements to maintain the scripter rank, here is the source to my script: http://pastebin.com/iWQRzwHw i downloaded it but its a .txt file there,and i changed it into moose's_essence_miner.class then put into the folder and rune the script,there is nothing on the scripts box.what can i do then?
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