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  1. Guide to Significantly Reducing Bans & Successfully botting your Main By: Mark Introduction: I've had major success botting a main with tribot, and felt obligated to help out the rest of the tribot community interested in creating and botting their main account successfully, as well as significantly reducing the chances of bans. I have applied 100% of the tips I will be providing in this guide to my own personal accounts. My Story: Since April 2013 I have been botting with tribot, and achieved massive success on my previous accounts. Obviously at this time ban rates were almost non existent, and bot watch was a joke. I maxed out melee with horrible botting habits, something that is impossible to do now. In late 2014 I was permanently banned for macroing major. I quit the game for a while and didn't know of the recent hiring of Mod Weath and upgraded bot watch system. I took a huge hit, quit for about a year. Fast forward to December 2015, I create a new account, and start botting. My ultimate goal was to max out melee, get 94 magic, and pretty much all my previous stats. I purchase VIP-E, use looking glass, and try out USA's combat script. With this I get to 70/70/70, and quickly move on to Nightmare zone using Erick's ExNMZ script. From 70/70/70 got to 70/99/70 in a matter of 12 days. I got too cocky, and started botting insane hours (9 hours straight of script running time, etc) and eventually get a 2 day ban. 3 days after I get unbanned, I proceed to botting again, only this time, with much better botting habits. I eventually reach 99/99/99 and achieve max melee. Right after, I proceed to get 94 magic with Starfox's SigmaMagic, and get it pretty quickly, along with 60 magic and 60 agility. Since then I have stopped botting, and I sleep well at night knowing I got through the extremely efficient bot watch system. The GUIDE: Before I get started with the guide, I would like to say that good botting habits will forever be the most important aspect in avoiding bans. General Requirements: 1. VIP-Extended If you want to successfully bot your main, you cannot be cheap. VIP-Extended is $8 a month, and it gives you access to Looking Glass & human mouse data. Both I believe are helpful in reducing ban rates. Looking glass makes client detection by Jagex pretty much impossible, while human mouse data is a very nice bonus. 2. Looking Glass I used it, and you should too. People may argue that jagex do not detect clients, but look at it from a logical stand point. If jagex wanted to eradicate botting, WHY WOULDN'T THEY look for clients? Looking glass allows your account to be logged in on a legal client (like osbuddy) while the script runs on the tribot client. At the same time, being consistent with client usage will minimize the chances of you possibly getting flagged, which could happen when you are constantly changing clients whenever you're botting and playing legit. I'd like to note that the tribot client was once detectable (back in November I believe, Trilez made a post admitting to this), but it has since been patched. It is possible that jagex could be able to detect clients again, therefore it would be in your best interest to just stick with the looking glass and remain safe. 3. A little bit of discipline and common sense This one is pretty much self explanatory. You'll notice that as you progress botting your runescape account, your confidence in the script and/or the client may increase. This could lead to you increasing your botting hours and reducing your breaks, which is a horrible idea. DO NOT push your luck. The tips I'll give you in this guide will be enough for you to make it far with botting your account, just be patient. The Essential Botting habits: Listed in no specific order. 1. Do not bot during Jagex working hours, or at least be very cautious when you do. Bot watch exists, and is there to flag accounts. When you bot during jagex hours, not only are you running the risk of being detected by the bot watch, but you also run the risk of being manually banned by mod weath. If you want to avoid bans, it would be in your best interest to avoid the possibility of a manual ban, therefore do not bot during jagex working hours. 2. Do not bot more than 8-10 hours a day total. 8-10 hours may even be pushing it. Most normal human beings do not spend more than 8-10 hours everyday playing runescape. The entire aspect of botting smart revolves around being as least suspicious as possible, therefore do not go overboard. \ 3. Do not bot more than 2-3 hours straight. Now, we get into specifics. Besides not botting more than 8-10 hours a day in total, do not bot more than 2-3 hours straight. Keep your botting sessions as human-like as possible, depending on the activity. Only a handful of people in this world can go multiple hours straight training their skills at max efficiency. Depending on your skill botted, your maximum session may vary. Most people can fletch for 2-3 hours straight, but no one can runecraft for 2-3 hours straight at max efficiency. Again, use your brain, and don't go overboard with your sessions. Personally, I did nightmare zone for 2.5-3 hours at a time. I also stun-alched for 2 hours sessions, but did agility for 30-1 hour sessions and mining for 30-1 hour sessions MAX. 4. Take breaks. In between your sessions, try to take manual breaks. Say you do 2-3 hours of Nightmare zone training, log off right after for about 30 mins to an hour, possibly longer. Try to be fairly random with this, just like a normal person would. Someone who does 2-3 hours of NMZ may eat dinner, which sometimes takes 30-45 mins. Sometimes he brushes his teeth or does something else after, taking another 15 minutes. Again, try to mimic normal human behavior and breaking habits. As for the break handler, I personally did not use this. I feel that fully randomizing your breaks only makes you look more bot-like, and always stuck to manual breaks. If I was in school, I would use teamviewer to manually stop my script, or if I was at home, I would just stop it myself. Be creative, and be smart. 5. Switch things up and play legit during breaks. I've said this many times before, you need to be as human-like as possible. People do not do the same activity for hours on end, day after day, week after week. If you have a long term goal like I did, switch things up. After 2-3 hours of nightmare zone, take a 30-1 hour break, then do a little bit of fletching, questing, whatever. Make yourself seem like you are a normal player, and not some bot who does the same thing over and over. I believe this was one of the MOST EFFECTIVE botting habits that kept me from getting banned. 6. Invest in premium scripts and stay away from free ones. This is not to take away from the free scripts we have on tribot. Don't get me wrong, we have some pretty good free scripts, but they're simply not as good as the premium ones. If you really care about your account, INVEST in premium scripts. Premium scripts are tested extensively, have better anti-ban, and are less likely to have bugs. The entire goal is longevity of your account, therefore it would make sense to use the best script for a certain activity. 7. Choose ABC2 over ABCL1 scripts, although ABCL1 scripts do fine as well. Mentioned this many times before, you want to be as safe as possible, therefore use the most human-like anti-ban. Trilez and the rest of the devs have done a good job with ABC2, and I believe that it is very useful in avoiding bans. Less randomization, more human-like, and overall just more tailored to your own habits. Although majority of my success came from a script which did not use ABCL2, I believe that this anti-ban system would of made the script a bit more safe. 8. Take some days off. Normal people do not play runescape every.single.day. Take days off botting. Go days where all you do is play legit doing quests, chatting with friends in the GE, etc etc. Be as human like as possible. I usually did this once a week or so, to avoid suspicion. Although this is not a requirement, its always better to be on the safe side. 9. Do not bot heavily goldfarmed methods. Things like Woodcutting, yews, fishing sharks, spinning bowstring, crafting natures etc. are all very risky. Bot watch obviously has a keen eye for these, as they affect the game the most. Mod weath also manually bans in these places the most, making it that much more risky. If you're gonna bot a skill like woodcutting, do so with a method that does not make money, like willows. If you're gonna fish, do salmon and trout. Conclusion: This is pretty much all I have for now. Everything was done on the top of my head, and these are all the habits I implemented. If I forgot something, I will edit this thread to add what I've left out. To be successful, you have to be smart. Try to keep things as human-like as possible, and never go overboard and push the limit. If you guys have any questions, feel free to post below or send me a private message. Good luck!
  2. Yeah definitely. I've added that to the guide as well, you must have missed it
  3. Its possible that you won't get caught. I'd say don't bot for a few days, and train other skills legit/ do quests.
  4. How to AVOID bans & Successfully Bot your Main account
  5. Congratulations Erick!
  6. Just wondering since there's nothing in the rules stating anything against it Thanks
  7. I've got a maxed account that I'm willing to lend, not sure if its allowed though so I'll have to confirm first.
  8. Latest bike looks sick AF Careful though, I hear those things are literally coffins on wheels.
  9. Welcome back man
  10. No one knows for sure, we can only speculate and theorize with the evidence we already have. Have they been able to detect the client before? Yes. Do they ban users based on client detection? It has happened in the past where people haven't run a single script, but the fact that they logged in using botting client got them banned. As for using the same computer, I've had a shitload of accounts banned on this one, and I still managed to bot my account to maxed melee + other stats. They IP ban you when you create multiple accounts and get banned on them, basically done to prevent goldfarming. As for noticing you actually play and do quests etc, they take that into consideration in terms of not permanently banning you straight away. I've noticed accounts that have some progress on them/legit hours played get a 2 day ban before a permanent ban. New accounts made for goldfarming get a permanent ban straight away. Again, this is not full proof, but majority of the time this is the case (regarding 2 day bans). No one knows for sure which one you'll be more likely to get banned on. Fishing is a very simple task, and can be afked. Assuming you aren't botting for profit, this should be relatively safe. Again, all we know is that jagex pays more attention to things that actually affect the game. Highly goldfarmed methods directly affect the economy, therefore they watch them very carefully. On the other hand, people fletching/cooking does nothing to the economy and is not heavily botted for gold, therefore it is safer. As for specific tips, you just need to use your common sense. I personally haven't done fishing for more than 2-3 hours straight when I used to play legit, therefore you shouldn't run the script for 8 hours straight. Keep things as human like as possible, bot with the habits that an actual human would play with.
  11. Don't think any free ones work atm.
  12. ^ Use it next time.
  13. Flagged IP's happen man, you're going to have to start using proxies if you want to keep botting.
  14. Not even a secret dude. I made a whole thread regarding my botting habits, basically everything I did to stay alive:
  15. Lol not hard at all. I botted my maxed main account from 1/1/1 about 4 months ago, still not permanently banned.
  16. I have no doubt that they already do visit forums like these. The methods that we post are all based on being as human like as possible, therefore they can't simply look for it as it corresponds with the behavior of literally every legit player as well. I'd imagine it wouldn't be as simply as purchasing a premium script and reverse engineering it to find out the bot users, we no longer live in the age of continuous patterns and 0 randomness. Things like ABCL2 exist, human-mouse movement data, etc. making it that much harder for jagex to pick up on. As I've said before, I've used these key bullet points and survived over 70M+ exp gain without a permanent ban.
  17. Welcome Stuart
  18. Its a VIP-E feature man.
  19. Highly doubt the US government would actually allow him to win lol. That would be a disaster.
  20. Congrats bro. I maxed out melee with 0 problems using ExNMZ, you should achieve the same thing if you bot smart. Good luck
  21. Its obviously much harder, however I was still able to max melee + gain 20M on other stats without being permanently banned. I've came up with an extensive guide on botting safely, might want to check it out if you want to start again: