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  1. 60 hours of work... I'll do 10-20 hours each day and I charge 5-10m a day (depends on hm hours I've trained on it) msg me on skype: kipburger1
  2. online and open for business!
  3. No, I do not use any scripts. Everything is manually done. Just brought an account to lvl 70 herblore within 6 hours. charged 15$'s for it.
  4. Thx for getting me waterfall quest and 30 def account is now ready for rc'ing.
  5. Dear botters, I don't have a fancy topic, that's because I don't waste my time on it. I am offering you: Powerleveling Questing (I charge subquests too if you haven't done them) Torso's Void set Fire cape (level 70 range required) The charge I take depends on skill, short/medium/long quests, ammount of void items. My fastest and cheapest service at the moment is: Herblore I can bring your herblore up to 70 within 7 hours (depends on what level I start) It's very FAST and efficient, so thats why the charges are low. I brought 2 guys up to lvl 48 and lvl 50 yesterday, I could easily bring more of you. If you are interested, add me on skype: kipburger1 ps. If you have questions, or vouches comment below. Nothing else, tyvm.
  6. Than I think we misunderstood each other, cuz I didn't litterely mean my account is worth 300x that 14$'s. And I tough you were talking about your account with 4200$ bones :/ I take everything back what I commented to you before.
  7. You xfer your gold? another one that can't improvise... You think that peaple keep the gold on their account when anybody is powerleveling?
  8. you know what so bs is? who said you have too keep your money on your bank? If you are a 'senior' botter or atleast a 'botter' you can just xfer?? Im sorry but I think its not that hard too improvise that. And sorry but My 20-40 pieces of chaotics , important quest items etc. are worth more than an EMPTY account so I DO NOT WANT THEM DROPPED. And NO I can't hack your account, cuz u just can recover it back within 2 mins bcuz its linked with you 'e-mail' WHICH I DO NOT OWN.
  9. Read the title >.>
  10. Dear botters,. My title already said everything: 1-70 Herblore. Why would I do this for you? I am FAST, LEGIT (I don't bot it) and VERY efficient. I can get you from lvl 3 to 46 in 45 mins I can get you from lvl 3 to lvl 70 herblore within 7 hours I provide all the supplies (this you don't have to buy) This will cost you 14$'s or 6m rs07 gp. We pick a trusthfull MM together. Add me on skype: kipburger1 ps. I give the mm My EOC account details (which is nearly maxed) which is worth 300x that 14$'s So there is no way im gonna scam you for that. and definitely not for all the dungeoneering items which I got from 120 dung lvl. .