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  1. The mentioned forum is a good start if you're just planning on making personal scripts. You'll eventually want to actually learn Java and good design principles, though. This playlist would be good for that: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE7E8B7F4856C9B19 There's a lot there, but if you just keep on reppin' the Vape Nation and keep at it, you'll get through the videos eventually. Stay Green
  2. I've spent a good amount of hours botting on a private fletching script I've been developing and have no bans at the moment. Granted, I'm only testing on one account that is fairly old and has a decent variety of skills leveled. I'm also using LG. However, there have been a fair amount of people who believe the client has been detected. There was a post the other day by someone who had a pretty high post count, and in it, he detailed a fairly extensive process of experimentation with results that were quite compelling. The post seemed to have been removed about an hour after I saw it, so I couldn't go back and properly look into this person. I don't have in-depth knowledge of the technologies behind the client and LG, but I would think it is more likely they are detecting script patterns among banned accounts and have implemented this in their systems. After all, I believe it has already been confirmed that third-party clients are detectable as just that, so I would think using LG through osbuddy, as I do, should be fine. This may just come down to whether or not you are using LG and whether or not your script implements ABC2.
  3. This situation may just come down to luck. I can't comment on the quality of the script you use, but I will say that I made a quite terrible woodcutting script the other day, and after about 7 hours of using it on a level 3, the account still isn't banned. One can speculate that detection systems may be more rigorous for gathering skills(e.g., woodcutting, fishing, mining), but I'm not sure there is hard evidence to prove such skills are targeted more than the others. IP flagging, on the other hand, may be the reason you received your ban if it is the case that the IP you are using has received a multitude of bans. This could be so if you are using a public proxy or a private one that has been cycled through many people who use it to bot.
  4. I'm fairly new to botting as well, but after two weeks of doing it on three different accounts during random times of day and night, it seems that the time you start playing doesn't matter that much. Maybe others can comment on whether factors such as the age you sign up with or play patterns actually factor into a detection process, as I'm not sure of the validity of those arguments. Either way, I think your issue may be that the accounts you're attempting to bot on are too fresh since you mention all level ones. I played normally for a few days on mine, and they're still going strong. Try that; it may help.
  5. I occasionally have a problem where I'll be fishing in Barbarian Village and, after it goes to bank, it will be stuck in a loop of clicking on the bank in the map and then clicking several squares away from the bank. It does this repeatedly until I have to: a.)pause the script, manually bank the items, and walk a good ways away or b.) restart the script. Had I not checked on the accounts when this occurred, I'm sure I would be banned by now. If there is anything I can supply to aid in a quick fix of this bug, don't be hesitant to ask.
  6. I just wanted to take the time to say hi to the community. I'm new to the whole botting thing and am looking forward to learning some things along the way. Lately I've turned to programming in Java after extensive time with C/C++, so I hope to have some fun making scripts that may eventually be good enough for others to use. Anyway, it's nice to be here, and I look forward to learning from you all.
  7. I'm having this same problem on Ubuntu 14.10.