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  1. I use It all the time to camp places for loot or xp. Especially places web walking does not support.
  2. Thanks for the update!!! Now its time for VIP
  3. Would love to see high alching added.
  4. Added you on Skype for future support. Would be very interested in a preset for some irl cash one alching is added xD
  5. [00:52:14] java.lang.NullPointerException[00:52:14] at org.tribot.api2007.Game.getVarBit(jf:399)[00:52:14] at org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObjectDefinition.getChildID(me:64)[00:52:14] at org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.getDefinition(lj:262)[00:52:14] at scripts.motherlodeminer.script.a.m.G(MotherlodeMine.java:60)[00:52:14] at scripts.motherlodeminer.script.a.m.accept(MotherlodeMine.java:54)[00:52:14] at org.tribot.api2007.Objects.K(qi:560)[00:52:14] at org.tribot.api2007.Objects.getAllIn(qi:84)[00:52:14] at org.tribot.api2007.Objects.getAll(qi:283)[00:52:14] at org.tribot.api2007.Objects.find(qi:946)[00:52:14] at scripts.starfox.api2007.b.z.G(Objects07.java:98)[00:52:14] at scripts.motherlodeminer.script.a.z.l(MotherlodeMine.java:34)[00:52:14] at scripts.motherlodeminer.script.i.K(MotherlodeStateManager.java:219)[00:52:14] at scripts.motherlodeminer.script.o.G(MotherlodeScriptManager.java:78)[00:52:14] at scripts.motherlodeminer.SigmaMotherlodeMiner.run(SigmaMotherlodeMiner.java:90)[00:52:14] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[00:52:34] Dynamic signature data submission successful.[00:52:37] Script Ended: Sigma Motherlode Miner.Script is actually running fine for now now. 2 hour proggy atm Got this error coming up on 2 and half hours
  6. Thanks for the update will use this tonight. Will you add alch support?
  7. Banstick

    TRiBot freezing after latest update.

    My client has been freezing a lot when using Looking Glass.
  8. Banstick

    CombatAIO V2 BETA

    Hey I had lifetime subscription to your old script? Will I get access to v2?
  9. Is there a reason sigma doesn't respond to any posts?
  10. My bot just stands there and does nothing after getting a inventory of pay dirt. When with this script be updated? Script is running very bad please update. Am I even going to get a reply?
  11. So I ran the script for the 5 hour trial I had available, script runs very well was just the lag. Thanks a bunch plan on purchasing this script very soon.
  12. Can u add me on Skype "Banstick" please. Have a few questions for you , very interested in purchasing this script lifetime.