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  1. Hey, I've been using your script for a while now. I'm about to quit the game, so I'm botting chins until ban (HYPE!)! I'm not going to read through all 38 pages, but I just thought of a few ideas/suggestions that may have been thought of, answered, etc. I came back to my bot today (currently 21 hours in) with about 24 box traps in my inventory. Not sure how they got there, I started with 5. So I'm not sure if it actually loots other box traps if a bot were to log out and lose theirs, or if chinchompas drop box traps ;] Anyways, this is more of a question then a suggestion, if my inventory fills with box traps (however I gather them), does the bot know to leave 1 spot open for when I need to pick up a box that is already placed? Maybe implement a way to save tiles? I'm not sure if the tiles are the exact same in every world, don't think they'd be different? But in my opinion, walking in an X, to set tiles, not placing any boxes, then starting the bot to re-walk the same 4-5 tiles and set the boxes could seem a bit fishy? Could be user error, I could place the boxes as I set the tiles on the script. Not sure if you have a premium version of this script or not, but if not, maybe implement some way to switch methods/tiles after x hours. Good example being if I'm doing an X formation, after 3:23:16 switch to a + Just some ideas, not sure if asked or implemented, but thanks for your script.
  2. I'm not entirely sure. The answer is technically no... So I put in the order with my Master's Card - I believe it sent a $1 charge to test and make sure my information was legit? Nothing has come of that so far I believe, or looks like they've retracted the $1. I don't think I was ever then charged for $5. Having said that, I then used paypal to purchase $5 and did get that immediately. So the card I guess never went through (looks like 2 $0.00 transactions pending in my bank account). Then purchased with paypal, so I suppose I'm good?
  3. Great, thanks a bunch. Waiting for my credits for VIP now...
  4. Hey, the title pretty much states it all. Just started getting back into the OSRS grind after the longest of breaks. I have some programming knowledge, after making scripts for another bot way back when and some online research. Anyways, before I start to make scripts here (or at least try ;]), just making sure I understand this correctly. Would you need VIP, considering you have to test your scripts?
  5. I just spent $5 for 5 credits, put in all my credit card information - and didn't receive the credits..? Can anyone assist me with this, or how long does it typically take to receive my credits?