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  1. silver8787

    Suddenly cant load human mouse data

    oh thx i think thats the problem i am vip atm thanks man
  2. Hey does anyone know why the human mouse data isnt loading? i did click the red circles again and theres a file in my mousedata map
  3. silver8787

    Can't process payment...

    Lmao go fix your software instead of telling 10 different ways to do it which are all a pain in the ass.
  4. silver8787

    Script that detects jmods and player mods [ADV]

    Maybe you should reconsider doing something else in life to make money instead of spamming ads in a video game.
  5. silver8787

    Mastermind Group Invite

    BIggest cringe post of all time whats up with this "mastermind" you are on a botting forum talking about running pre made scripts what the actual fuck? maybe spend some time on actually learning something and use that to make alot more money than this unreliable source of income.
  6. Maybe dont type password details in the username slot wtf :D?
  7. silver8787

    ABC2 and mouse implementation

    Mouse implementation has nothing to do with scripts its either if you submit data and acitvate it. You can find it in your Tribot client File>Mouse data collector
  8. silver8787

    need a private scripter

    "anti baned" this shit makes me laugh so much
  9. silver8787

    Free quest script for Ryne Mysteries

    Flawless logic so if i woud bot cooking i would collect my own fish... what?
  10. silver8787

    Returning to botting... need advice!

    You know what i find disgusting people like you spreading lies just so you have some more promotion for your product. @beastmodeon12345 if you read this its not a big deal to bot multiple bots on 1 ip the only risk could be is that you lose all the accounts you bot after you get banned and since you're botting a pure i would recommend only botting that account on a certain IP PS: I am running all my bots on my home ip got prob around 400 accounts banned already and i still managed to bot 42m xp in a skilling skill on my so called flagged ip address.
  11. silver8787

    VIP but unable to start script

  12. silver8787

    my accounts arnt even lasting 15 hours

    I know exactly why but i wont tell huehuehuehe
  13. silver8787

    [ P ]High efficiency of flax textile ABC2

    Do you even play runescape mate?
  14. silver8787

    Client Detectable

    Did you read this on facebook?