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  1. oh thx i think thats the problem i am vip atm thanks man
  2. Hey does anyone know why the human mouse data isnt loading? i did click the red circles again and theres a file in my mousedata map
  3. Lmao go fix your software instead of telling 10 different ways to do it which are all a pain in the ass.
  4. Maybe you should reconsider doing something else in life to make money instead of spamming ads in a video game.
  5. BIggest cringe post of all time whats up with this "mastermind" you are on a botting forum talking about running pre made scripts what the actual fuck? maybe spend some time on actually learning something and use that to make alot more money than this unreliable source of income.
  6. Ofcourse not on here wtf? there bigger things on the web than botting a simple java game..........
  7. checked it for fun its the most unreliable source of income you prob dont know what i mean with alot of money im talking like 20.000 minimum
  8. Botting makes a shit amount of cash ofcourse its dead lol grow up
  9. unbanned

    >never botted >has account on a botting forum and posting..........
  10. Maybe dont type password details in the username slot wtf :D?
  11. Some people dont get sarcasm.
  12. Boot safe, boot smart
  13. This post is so dumb and unenecessary lmao
  14. Boring game only virgins crying about losing
  15. Quality spelling, quality post well done.