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  1. This keeps happening, where is toggling the aid button not the run button
  2. @Usa stuck at these points as shown, the account creation worked perfectly after I got the key working. https://i.gyazo.com/d681018377dd967c2b1fdbbde683b122.gif (noticed this on multiple accounts) https://i.gyazo.com/30d33356c65739e715c952a0a4cf5283.gif (also posted by someone previously) https://i.gyazo.com/30d27ba6f9dcbcb9780536e9827a4fcc.gif (also posted by someone previously) https://i.gyazo.com/9cacade7fd4b9dbe15cf8544c8bf869d.gif (fixed itself after 2 mins)
  3. ^this or atleast ability to get it to stop when reaching X points
  4. Not sure how @Encoded feels but I don't think it is really needed, just mule it onto the account when you trade the rest of fishing supplies on. IMO @gpswap @Frosty XVII Communication for muling support will be handled outside of the game. No ETA when that will be released and it will be an additional fee. @Encoded I Would definately pay for this would it run through osbots.net? because Im not sure if you havent got it worker yet or not but the accounts page on there doesn't work any rough info on timescale on muling would be much appreciated <3
  5. Any plans on adding a muling feature, even just the basic fc ones we see on alot aof scripts? @Encoded
  6. Wont Registerer weapon so it wont run and just clicks between worn equip and combat interface EDIT: After multiple tribot restarts this worked
  7. @shlash0r thats a issue with tribot not the scrip, deleted ur hooks.dat and restart tribot
  8. gpswap

    AlphaCrafter Pro

  9. gpswap

    AlphaCrafter Pro

    I got this script for 1 reason and that was glassblowing, but all it does is make beerglasses? wth?
  10. ooo new sig looks really nice,it's abit clearer for the combat section so thats great, one thing I was wondering is on the Paint could we get how many games have currently been played for that session? might be a usefull bit of info for people
  11. gpswap

    was working now it's not?

    runescape got updated you just gota wait or trilez to sorti t