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  1. How would I implement mousekey dropping? I see on the API dropping patterns, but how would I get a script to drop something really fast like mousekeys? Thanks! -JaredKing10
  2. How would I implement ACBL10 into a script? Sorry I'm very new to scripting, does anyone have an example code? Been looking at the API and still need stuff to learn from! We've all gone through this phase! And does anyone know how to make the camera move with middle mouse button only? I believe it's in Tribot's API as i've seen it before but I don't know at all how to add it into a script or where it is. Thanks!
  3. How would I implement something that if a players prayer level is below for example 20, or their HP is above 50, that Tribot plays a noise, and how would I add that noise to Tribot? Just upload it online to a site and get tribot to connect to that? If so how would I implement that in a script? Sorry, I'm new to scripting! Thanks in advance all!
  4. how do i use this to disable it?.
  5. using this script on my friends account but im curious why is it right clicking randomly and switching tabs, its ment to have no inputs and only make a beeping noise when its time to drink a pot/ovl, does tribot force an anti ban on scripts when its clearly not needed when it just makes a sound to tell me when to drink if anything the anti ban is putting me at more risk.
  6. Nice
  7. Just want to liscence transfer some, will pay rsgp if you let me skype: LynxTitanRS
  8. You're on a mac so upgrade to windows xp + so Tribot can run and you can script better
  9. I'm working on a basic powerminer, how would I add it so about every 30 seconds to 5 minutes the script uses the middle mouse button to move the camera randomly? Also how can I make the script drop ores like mousekeys? Currently it's dropping slow as hell
  10. Hey you think you could help me? Skype:LynxTitanRS
  11. I'm learning Java in coding class, how would I go about starting a script code or whatever? Do I need to add the tribot client to eclipse or just new java project, help please xD
  12. It says I can transfer 5 though?
  13. looking for help setting up looking glass with normal client for runescape, skype: LynxTitanRS paying 2 credits