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    Tenerife, Spain
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    21 year old male from UK but lives in Spain permantely. I love playing RS., especially now since I had a wrist injury at the start of 2015 so I'm currently only using one hand.. but I still enjoy playing.
  1. jackoroor

    Help with Human mouse and Proxies.

    Pm sent bro.
  2. jackoroor

    Help with Human mouse and Proxies.

    Also who is recommended to purchase Proxies from? Thanks.
  3. jackoroor

    Help with Human mouse and Proxies.

    Ok so after Botting for a few months without using the human mouse input or proxies I finally got the ban hammer for 48 hours.. I used many premium scripts during the time.. Even achieved 99 Thieving. I'm not sure whether too not bot on this Acc anymore or risk getting VIP-Extended and some Proxies and giving that a shot? My questions are.. * If I do this is there anything where Jagex detect your MAC ID that I was using when I got banned? if using Proxy in different location? * Do you instantly get access too the Human mouse input when you purchase VIP-Extended? *Can I use a proxy in any location too bot on then use my flagged IP for normal legit game play ? *Can Jagex actually detect what Client your using? Because for example I sometimes have Tribot open but then Orion is open as well but not in use. Any information will be appreciated. I'm not giving up here!
  4. jackoroor

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Almost finished the 1 hour trial Very happy with not one problem on Varrock roof top. I shall now buy the Script.. Thank you. here's a little teaser. Not the best xp per hour but it's very human like and quick so I'm not sure. http://gyazo.com/f12188468c8e67bf7a879da6ec35b1ab
  5. jackoroor

    Switch to Java 8

    What is the recommended client heap size? I'm running 1 client.. its on 300MB at the moment. Do I need to go higher? Thanks.
  6. right soo does this guys scripts work or not?? seeing a lot of negative comments.
  7. jackoroor

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    Good afternoon people. hope your Plundering is going well. Anyway I've just hit 61 thieving using this script and just wanted someone to confirm I've used the right settings up to 61, and also someone to confirm the correct settings for me from 61 upwards! Do I set it on choose room depending on level? or do I set it up manually? Below is a Progress report 2 hours run time with 38k xp per hour roughly? was this the best I could of achieved? Thanks in advanced. Jackoroor http://gyazo.com/b0812a2f9782c30b78399e6256a703c9