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  1. Bought one bond! Extremely quick service! Thank you very much!
  2. How much are you buying gold for right now via paypal? @The Black Tux
  3. Elmo is ex-staff for some unknown reason, I recommend contacting USA. Otherwise like arckos said you have to become a $150 donator to change it.
  4. Bought the bonds. Close thread please.
  5. Awesome Project! Thank you so much man!
  6. Just purchase exbuyer https://tribot.org/forums/topic/24723-10unlimited-accs-exbuyer-fastest-aio-buyer-world-hopping-multiple-items-banking-100hr-running-200kgphr-customizable-world-hops/ That's what the script was made for lol.
  7. If there was a fight caves script it would be Premium, it would be worth it of course.
  8. A working blackjacker for thieving xp wiki link: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Blackjack
  9. Goodluck with your services! Service thread looks great!
  10. It has ABCL 10 and is low ban-rate, i bot it 15 hours a day and I am fine...Your decision though.
  11. I don't think so.... I'll go check Edit: Yes It is 200k....***FacePalm***
  12. Would anyone be nice enough to add me on skype and use teamviewer to help me do this puzzle. I can never figure it out....I always have to pay 500k but i'm cheap >.<. If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! EDIT: @Arckos is helping me, thanks anyways guys!
  13. Contact @YoHoJo or @The Black Tux They might be able to help you out.
  14. @LegendaryPrince If you have them I will take the following kits: Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Animal Magnetism RFD until addy gloves How much is all of that? PM me if you have those by the way.
  15. I use wCombat AIO Premium and it works like a charm....I have never done NMZ so I don't really know how that works.
  16. @ibot4funn How much does fire cape cost? What Equipment do I need? Stats: 70 range 52 prayer 20 defence with initiate armour P.S. Training hit points at the moment
  17. I have been using proxyblaze and I have been fine....I got 43 prayer, some stats I got 80+ in such as hunter, I also got 50 defence and Not one ban. P.S. I have been using 6 separate proxies to do all of this on 6 different accounts.
  18. Progress Report: 13-15 hour proggies on 5 different accounts! Thank you for the script!
  19. I never get banned and I bot it 12 hours a day on 5+ accounts.
  20. @Druid Your money isn't very nice .
  21. Hey guys, I thought I would set a goal for myself so I posted it here. I am going to be making an initiate pure legit without any botting. I already have finished 13 quests in one day. I am really dedicated to this and I can't wait to start pking. The stats of the account will be 70 attack 99 strength 20 defence 99 range 94 magic and 52 prayer. I am also aiming for adamant gloves and ancients! This is not my first time making an account legit so this is going to be really fun! I'll keep you updated every so often. New progress report every few days! Finished Nature Spirit! Day 1: Finished 13 quests: Nature Spirit, Black knights fortress, cook's assistant, Ernest the chicken, The restless ghost, Druidic ritual, Waterfall quest, Witch's house, priest in peril, recruitment drive, RFD sub-quest, and Gertrude's cat. Day 2: Finished 1 quest: Fremennik trials and trained some stats. Day 3: Finished 6 quests: Death Plateau, Lost City, The Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village, Fight Arena, Monkey Madness. Day 4: Finished Horror of the Deep. Trained some stats. Day 5: Break Obtained 43 prayer Finished Fremennik trials! I can now wear initiate armour because I have 20 defence! Finished Death Plateau, Got my Climbing boots! Completed Monkey Madness at level 44! Got Unholy Book and all pages!
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