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  1. Cheap like i said add me on skype
  2. Questing Accounts for cheap prices Hello all so I am opening up a new service in which we will do quests for people now as I understand quests can be a huge problem for some people and this is were this service will come in. Information: Will do any quest/questsPrice varies on difficulty and amount of questsonline most of the dayfast and professionalAdd me on Skype if you would like quests done for you at cheap prices!Skype: lolwhatman​​p.s. And yes I know I am not trusted or a known figure in the forums (yet) but I will get there one day
  3. Like I said add me on Skype to negotiate prices
  4. All good just did monkey madness for someone and got 70 prayer for another
  5. Bump
  6. Quests & Levels Hello all So I recently started playing Runescape 2007 again and I realised I am actually very quick and enjoy playing the game. I've played for one week now and these are the stats I have achieved http://gyazo.com/fbb90872cb313d7df783a2fc1be5d7a0 not only have I got all of this I have also got full void ranger by doing all this in such short time I have decided I would be good at selling quests and levels to people. Details Willing to do just about any activityI will only ever ask for in game goldPrice will be decided on length and toughness of task Will do lowered rates compared to others as I understand I am low down in the hierarchy of TriBotIf you are interested add me on Skype- lolwhatman and we can talk.