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  1. Pittman

    i am looking for a bot

    You don't need TriBot for this, it would be weird to use Tribot for this. Tribot isn't made for this, you can achieve what you want with Python or anything other language really. I've built this, but this isn't the forum for this request. Look into programming with python and requests, you can use it to visit URL's behind a proxy. I
  2. Pittman

    skip tutorial?

    Would be possible, if you could skip tutorial island.
  3. Pittman

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    You dont deserve what Tribot offers
  4. Pittman

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    Also, my trial is affected too.
  5. When I start script first time on mac, it starts to download script then whole client freezes. Wont ever recover from this. Its been like this for weeks. Wont buy until, the script can actually load.
  6. Pittman

    Best Combat Fighter Bot? for 1 def Pure

    I use tri melee ranged by tri its great I'm getting 65k range xp an hour currently with cannon support
  7. Everyone isn't having any part of their brain working these passed two days so I am going to kick start it for you. You must have some respect for the few guys who are fixing the client, it's not as easy as changing one line and saying hey were back online. You have 20+ class files that have to be all updated like a chain reaction and it takes time. When using reflection bots when it comes to updates, lots of things have to be tweaked so intensely its not a matter of rushing things. Jagex obfuscates things to the point where you have to reverse engineer lots of stuff that takes time, say you don't know something off the top of your head? You got to learn it and fix it, this happens to the best of coders. What if one ' is in the wrong spot, and you didn't notice... Well you have a delay until you can find it. So in the mean time here is your estimate approx time until the client gets update it is an encrypted string and I want you to decode it so you can view your answer. 7a1cfe8f2582cb092a7d7e8fc896bcf5 Its your job while you wait to figure out the encrypt method used. Maybe this will give you guys some idea & respect.
  8. Jesus i said it was quick. Just was bored
  9. I was bored and it took line by line to find these and it sucked, so I figured I'd post it so someone didn't have to find interfaces for the other worlds. If you have your list set to 1 (at top) and 94 (at bottom). Will work, its just low to high setting. I didn't build any functions it was just to mainly map it out and see as i go. here you are. Heres the formatted version for easy viewing, sense the tribot forum post messed it up a little. Member only worlds. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=PxEVy3Mwpackage scripts; import org.tribot.api2007.GameTab;import org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces;import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterface;import org.tribot.script.Script;public class Main extends Script {@Overridepublic void run() { while(true) { world(1); sleep(50); }}public void world(int number) { int world; switch (number) { case 2: world = 2; GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT); RSInterface switchButton =Interfaces.get(182, 9); switchButton.click("World Switcher"); //WORLD 2 RSInterface w2 = Interfaces.get(69, 14); w2.click("Switch"); break; default: world = 2; break; } System.out.println(world); } }/*//WORLD 2RSInterface w2 = Interfaces.get(69, 14);w2.click("Switch");//WORLD 3RSInterface w3 = Interfaces.get(69, 15);w3.click("Switch");//WORLD 4RSInterface w4 = Interfaces.get(69, 16);w4.click("Switch");//WORLD 5RSInterface w5 = Interfaces.get(69, 17);w5.click("Switch");//WORLD 6RSInterface w6 = Interfaces.get(69, 18);w6.click("Switch");//WORLD 9RSInterface w9 = Interfaces.get(69, 20);w9.click("Switch");//WORLD 10RSInterface w10 = Interfaces.get(69, 21);w10.click("Switch");//WORLD 11RSInterface w11 = Interfaces.get(69, 22);w11.click("Switch");//WORLD 12RSInterface w12 = Interfaces.get(69, 23);w12.click("Switch");//WORLD 13RSInterface w13 = Interfaces.get(69, 24);w13.click("Switch");//WORLD 14RSInterface w14 = Interfaces.get(69, 25);w14.click("Switch");//WORLD 17RSInterface w17 = Interfaces.get(69, 27);w17.click("Switch");//WORLD 18RSInterface w18 = Interfaces.get(69, 28);w18.click("Switch");//WORLD 19RSInterface w19 = Interfaces.get(69, 29);w19.click("Switch");//WORLD 20RSInterface w20 = Interfaces.get(69, 30);w20.click("Switch");//WORLD 21RSInterface w21 = Interfaces.get(69, 31);w21.click("Switch");//WORLD 22RSInterface w22 = Interfaces.get(69, 32);w22.click("Switch");//WORLD 25RSInterface w25 = Interfaces.get(69, 33);w25.click("Switch");//WORLD 27RSInterface w27 = Interfaces.get(69, 35);w27.click("Switch");//WORLD 28RSInterface w28 = Interfaces.get(69, 36);w28.click("Switch");//WORLD 29RSInterface w29 = Interfaces.get(69, 37);w29.click("Switch");//WORLD 30RSInterface w30 = Interfaces.get(69, 38);w30.click("Switch");//WORLD 33RSInterface w33 = Interfaces.get(69, 39);w30.click("Switch");//WORLD 34RSInterface w34 = Interfaces.get(69, 40);w34.click("Switch");//WORLD 36RSInterface w36 = Interfaces.get(69, 42);w36.click("Switch");//WORLD 37RSInterface w37 = Interfaces.get(69, 43);w37.click("Switch");//WORLD 38RSInterface w38 = Interfaces.get(69, 44);w38.click("Switch");//WORLD 41RSInterface w41 = Interfaces.get(69, 45);w41.click("Switch");//WORLD 42RSInterface w42 = Interfaces.get(69, 46);w42.click("Switch");//WORLD 43RSInterface w43 = Interfaces.get(69, 47);w43.click("Switch");//WORLD 44RSInterface w44 = Interfaces.get(69, 48);w44.click("Switch");//WORLD 45RSInterface w45 = Interfaces.get(69, 49);w45.click("Switch");//WORLD 46RSInterface w46 = Interfaces.get(69, 50);w46.click("Switch");//WORLD 49RSInterface w49 = Interfaces.get(69, 51);w49.click("Switch");//WORLD 50RSInterface w50 = Interfaces.get(69, 52);w50.click("Switch");//WORLD 51RSInterface w51 = Interfaces.get(69, 53);w51.click("Switch");//WORLD 52RSInterface w52 = Interfaces.get(69, 54);w52.click("Switch");//WORLD 53RSInterface w53 = Interfaces.get(69, 55);w53.click("Switch");//WORLD 54RSInterface w54 = Interfaces.get(69, 56);w54.click("Switch");//WORLD 57RSInterface w57 = Interfaces.get(69, 57);w57.click("Switch");//WORLD 58RSInterface w58 = Interfaces.get(69, 58);w58.click("Switch");//WORLD 59RSInterface w59 = Interfaces.get(69, 59);w59.click("Switch");//WORLD 60RSInterface w60 = Interfaces.get(69, 60);w60.click("Switch");//WORLD 61RSInterface w61 = Interfaces.get(69, 61);w61.click("Switch");//WORLD 62RSInterface w62 = Interfaces.get(69, 62);w62.click("Switch");//WORLD 65RSInterface w65 = Interfaces.get(69, 63);w65.click("Switch");//WORLD 66RSInterface w66 = Interfaces.get(69, 64);w66.click("Switch");//WORLD 67RSInterface w67 = Interfaces.get(69, 65);w67.click("Switch");//WORLD 68RSInterface w68 = Interfaces.get(69, 66);w68.click("Switch");//WORLD 69RSInterface w69 = Interfaces.get(69, 67);w69.click("Switch");//WORLD 70RSInterface w70 = Interfaces.get(69, 68);w70.click("Switch");//WORLD 73RSInterface w73 = Interfaces.get(69, 69);w73.click("Switch");//WORLD 74RSInterface w74 = Interfaces.get(69, 70);w74.click("Switch");//WORLD 75RSInterface w75 = Interfaces.get(69, 71);w75.click("Switch");//WORLD 76RSInterface w76 = Interfaces.get(69, 72);w76.click("Switch");//WORLD 77RSInterface w77 = Interfaces.get(69, 73);w77.click("Switch");//WORLD 78RSInterface w78 = Interfaces.get(69, 74);w78.click("Switch");//WORLD 78RSInterface w86 = Interfaces.get(69, 80);w86.click("Switch");*/
  10. Pittman

    Open Guide: Combat Helper

    Hey I like the effort, and if people say its noob quality or anything else don't worry about it. Everyone starts somewhere, and they probably just on the same level as you. I appreciate you putting the effort, and making this guide.
  11. Pittman

    When building a custom method

    Thank you so much
  12. public RSObject findNearest(int distance, int...ids) {RSObject[] objects = Objects.findNearest(15, TREE);for(RSObject object: objects) {if(object != null) {return object;}}return null;} I got that from a video because Im learning tribots api and java. But I am confused on if say I wanted to make a method for something else like lets say pass a NPC, would it be setup the same. Or what about a string
  13. Pittman

    TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    Client won't even load for me.