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  1. Hey forum, I had took a long break from playing Runescape and had to finish my degree. Lot's of new progressive updates in machine learning in the recent years, has TriBot thought about implemented a ML neural network for anti ban techniques? My field is in Node.js related applications and full stack development, even though I do know some Java. I think a Neural Network for anti-ban could shed some insight showing the consistencies when getting banned. How do I go about helping and becoming a verified developer also to help contribute to TriBot. - Thanks
  2. Hey Forum, Been out of touch for a while, do I still need VIP to code my own private scripts. - Thanks
  3. Hey, Purchased many scripts, and I go long periods AFK or not playing or using TriBot. I come back to see there is no scripts listed in the repo active? May someone please check this out for me.
  4. You don't need TriBot for this, it would be weird to use Tribot for this. Tribot isn't made for this, you can achieve what you want with Python or anything other language really. I've built this, but this isn't the forum for this request. Look into programming with python and requests, you can use it to visit URL's behind a proxy. I
  5. Would be possible, if you could skip tutorial island.
  6. You dont deserve what Tribot offers
  7. Also, my trial is affected too.
  8. When I start script first time on mac, it starts to download script then whole client freezes. Wont ever recover from this. Its been like this for weeks. Wont buy until, the script can actually load.
  9. Pittman


    Yeah well, you can do what you wish. But others can do what they wish also. Sounds like you sell proxies, and are mad little kiddie.
  10. I have over 800k+ proxies. I will give you tons Skype: desired.sound
  11. LIST 2 UPLOADED: 12-17-2015 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-hwL1WfdCuoaVNBSDhqQzdKbm8/view?usp=sharing
  12. Yeah, this service is just to send out of free ones and help the community. But i can test them for speed and anon, if you wanted to pay like 1m and id give you a shorter list you see. But everyday ill post free ones like i did today. So you can try them yourself. But none of my sources are botting community's
  13. Thank you for clarifying that, thats why i add extra price is cheaper, and if they fall off you can get some more.
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