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  1. Yeah well, you can do what you wish. But others can do what they wish also. Sounds like you sell proxies, and are mad little kiddie.
  3. I have over 800k+ proxies. I will give you tons Skype: desired.sound
  4. LIST 2 UPLOADED: 12-17-2015 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-hwL1WfdCuoaVNBSDhqQzdKbm8/view?usp=sharing
  5. Yeah, this service is just to send out of free ones and help the community. But i can test them for speed and anon, if you wanted to pay like 1m and id give you a shorter list you see. But everyday ill post free ones like i did today. So you can try them yourself. But none of my sources are botting community's
  6. Thank you for clarifying that, thats why i add extra price is cheaper, and if they fall off you can get some more.
  7. @mrdeanoo add me on Skype for a test list
  8. @Dukat @mrdeanoo @Sphiinx i will give you a free list to try out if you add me on Skype.
  9. They last a good while, they are scraped from good quality sources daily. But thats why I add more to the list you purchase, just incase. And also, I will get you more if they fall out by a chance. No ones out to hurt or rip someone off over a proxy here haha.
  10. @mrdeanoo @Sphiinx The reason its so cheap is because Im just starting. You just got a list of 400k, and how can you say its not possible ha? I scrape them daily. And the ones I'd sell will be tested for speed, anon, and IP leakage like it says in thread. 1M you don't have to buy it, your the one who asked. You can test them yourself. But me, I have the tools to get it done quick.
  11. 50 list of tested and anon. Would be 1m old school at current prices starting, id give more than 50
  12. @seiv They are socks if they have S in front of IP. Usually sorted towards bottom. List uploaded on my DRIVE. Too big for PASTEBIN or Tribot.
  14. I just purchased VIP and it says in the client I am not a VIP member, I can not run looking glass. No option for it
  15. I use tri melee ranged by tri its great I'm getting 65k range xp an hour currently with cannon support