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  1. I average around 100-200k per hour using fire bolt with gauntlets or using fire wave. 25-30k xp/hr with fire bolt and ~40k with fire wave. I die once in a while which reeeeally chunks that profit down, especially if you're almost full inventory.
  2. Dang, I don't know about you guys, but I have not had a single world hop without the cursor getting stuck and misclicking. Without babysitting, this script really isn't about to run. Very unfortunate.
  3. Just started running this bot. One issue I had was with world hopping, in that the cursor kept getting stuck in between worlds, it is trying to click on a world, but its just clicking in blank space.
  4. Hey Mute, can you add me on Skype? I added you a while back but you didn't accept
  5. Thats the exact same issue I am having. It will talk to a slayer master repeatedly without getting a task, and the slayer master is not even the correct master. I am not using the NPC contact spell though.
  6. You probably need to download the newest Java, linked on the first post
  7. I'm having problems with this bot, not sure what is going wrong. I have my slayer master set to Vannaka, but for some reason this keeps trying to go to Turael. I also can't seem to even accept tasks from Turael. I am recommended to get a task from Mazchna, and the bot gets stuck, restarting the conversation over and over again instead of asking to simply requesting to take the task from Turael instead.
  8. Sold 20m, went incredibly fast and smooth. Recommended and will repeat. Thanks!
  9. After I finished all of my (4) pots it began to use the partial fills
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