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  1. Request: A Private GE script Description: I'm not going to explain exactly what the script will be doing as this is private information. But all it will essentially will be doing is buying and selling items at pre-determined offers. Payment Amount: A agreed upon amount, easily $150+ Time: ASAP, no rush though I'd like it to be a quality script Additional: PM or post below if you are interested, no time wasters, serious offer, premium scripters only.
  2. Salad Boy

    [ P ] Private GE buying/selling script

    Its different to what I want
  3. I'm trying to set up Authenticator for my account in the settings tab and the QR Code won't load for me to scan. Tried refreshing etc. no work. Please help so I can be a safe & secure boi
  4. Oh, and is the profit also calculated by assuming all the items bought will be sold for the estimated. If so, isn't this a bit inaccurate?
  5. Salad Boy


    Quoted from TRiLez: As you are aware, we are committed to reducing the ban rate among TRiBot users. Recently, there was a brand new development in the botting community allowing botters to use reflection/injection on a RuneScape instance running in a web browser. There have been many reports that this new development significantly reduces the ban rate. So I decided to make a similar system. I introduce to you, Looking Glass: Looking Glass works by finding the process of a RuneScape instance running via a web browser, and hooks onto it. Once hooked on, all of the client data can be transferred to TRiBot, and TRiBot can send action events/commands to the client. So essentially, we can load the game via a web browser, and bot on it via TRiBot. Currently, client detection isn't impossible, but anyone can download the RuneScape client, reverse engineer it, and check for client detection code. If client detection code is found, a bot developer can circumvent the detection with his/her own code. But the downside is that in doing this, we end up playing a cat and mouse game. Jagex implements client detection, we circumvent it. Jagex implements more client detection, we circumvent it. This goes on and on. Looking Glass is an entirely new scenario. Since RSBot was released in 2006, the majority of botters have been using a bot which loads RuneScape into the bot itself. Jagex has been able to research detection technology since this time, and have not needed to stray too far from it since bots have all loaded the client the same way for around 9 years. Though, I've noticed hardly any client-side client detection, and what I have noticed, I made TRiBot circumvent. Jagex could also have implemented server-side client detection, where they check their web access logs, and try to determine if a player is a bot if he/she loaded certain server resources, with what cookies, when, etc. But we will never know if Jagex has done this possibility is 100% server-sided. Looking Glass is different because you, as the user, must load RuneScape via the web browser. TRiBot will not be involved in this process, thus making client detection impossible (for now). TRiBot will run in an entirely different process than RuneScape. RuneScape will be naturally loaded with what it should be loaded with. I say for now because nothing is really impossible with computers. Looking Glass combined with TRiBot's advanced anti-ban technology such as AI antiban, character profiles, ABC, human mouse movements, human reaction times (soon to come), auto-talking, etc. should greatly reduce the ban rate. That is, if Jagex has some sort of client detection which nobody knows about. Looking Glass is still in it's early stages, so it may not function as well as TRiBot. However, I have found it very stable when running my own scripts. Here is a recent progress report: Looking Glass is currently open to VIP Extended users so that we are not overwhelmed with people who need assistance since Looking Glass isn't as user friendly as we plan to make it. Now that I've explained it, let's get down to how to use it. Loading Looking Glass You must use Java 8 JDK. The JRE is currently not compatible.You should probably use a 32-bit Java, as your Java bit version for TRiBot must match the Java bit version used for RuneScape. Most Java browser plugins are 32-bit. So if yours is, you'll have to use 32-bit Java for TRiBot.Currently, TRiBot can only hook onto RuneScape if it is loaded by a web browser. Using the downloadable client or Orion is not available at this time. It will be in the future.Looking Glass uses stored client hooks, which are updated when you run the standard client (not Looking Glass). If you try to load Looking Glass without client hooks stored on your hard drive, you'll have to run the standard client before you can run Looking Glass. But you only need to get past TRiBot's black loading screen. After that, you can close the client.Boot a looking class using the "New Client (Looking Glass)" button.Only VIP-E users have access to Looking Glass.Common Loading Problems ​A file called "java.policy" is not modifiable by TRiBot. You must make it modifiable. A video on how to fix this issue will be posted soon.Your Firewall may block TRiBot's connection to RuneScape, or block RuneScape's connection to TRiBot. You must make your firewall allow this connection.Things to Note Proxies do not work with Looking Glass.There is an overhead when using Looking Glass. Some of the API may be slow.I'd recommend using a client paint delay of at least 10.I developed this at a very fast pace of about 1 week, while our competitor took months to work on their similar system (I had to brag).If you have any questions, concerns, or if you need help with Looking Glass, please post in this thread.
  6. Woah I'm more interested one what size cash stacks he is using across his accounts. @lilelf Care to comment on this? Would be much appreciated.
  7. Woah I'm more interested one what size cash stacks he is using across his accounts. @lilelf Care to comment on this? Would be much appreciated.
  8. Salad Boy

    human mouse

    It takes 8-12 minutes.
  9. Salad Boy

    been using sigma merch, no success?

    The title of this topic kinda makes it look like you're saying that the $igma Merch script is not working, but its actually you that isn't working.
  10. Please stop asking for lists it clear you don't understand how merchanting works. If someone were to disclose their list of items to you it would lower their margins and therefore their overall profit. They only way anyone would give you a list is if you were prepared to pay a fat sum of cash for it, that way it would be worthwhile for them. Other then that just simply practice with items on your own, it may sound tedious but it gives you a very good insight into beginner flipping. Also checkout the channel 'Merchz' on YouTube. Divine has provided loads of informative videos at your disposal to assist in flipping. This is also for anyone else who is repetitively asking for lists. Good luck.
  11. Salad Boy

    New Proxy System

    Very nice, great work TRiLez! <3
  12. I realise a lot of premium scripters don't really bother with RS3 these days but if you do then please let me know through PM as I need a very basic script the be made, its a bit weird and its only required to do a few very basic things. Thank you in advance.
  13. Salad Boy

    xMercher [GE Flipping] [Free BETA]

    Dude stop posting asking for items, honestly unless you're paying a hefty price for a list of good items then no one is going to share them with you, it will only affect their profit potential.
  14. Salad Boy

    Assume's Wilderness Looter

    Ummm sure well could you possibly pm me the list so I make sure the item doesn't already exist? Thanks.
  15. Salad Boy

    Assume's Wilderness Looter

    It just has a list of items not to pick up?
  16. Salad Boy

    Assume's Wilderness Looter

    @Assume where are the prices database sourced from in this script?
  17. Salad Boy

    Assume's Wilderness Looter

    Where are the prices sourced from now?
  18. Salad Boy

    Assume's Wilderness Looter

    Might try this out for fun and see how it goes. Looting can be a fairly decent method.
  19. Salad Boy

    BOT HELP! :)

    MacBook Pro... ...more like MacBook slow Ohhh
  20. Salad Boy

    auto eater

    Yeah all monsters become non-aggressive within like 10-20 minutes except for like fresh crawlers and kurasks