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  1. Request: A Private GE script Description: I'm not going to explain exactly what the script will be doing as this is private information. But all it will essentially will be doing is buying and selling items at pre-determined offers. Payment Amount: A agreed upon amount, easily $150+ Time: ASAP, no rush though I'd like it to be a quality script Additional: PM or post below if you are interested, no time wasters, serious offer, premium scripters only.
  2. First of all, you must be okay with training on a proxy, which I will provide. From a fresh accounts the following stats and quests must be completed: (All supplies will be provided) 10 Construction 14 Herblore 15 Fishing+ 49 Magic 25 Ranged 31 Farming 36 Woodcutting 38 Strength 50 Agility 49 Crafting 50 Attack 50 Firemaking Fairytale I Growing Pains The Hand in the Sand Tower of Life The Underground Pass Plague City Nature Spirit Priest in Peril Lost City Biohazard The Restless Ghost Rune Mysteries Sea Slug Please PM me with offers! I am also accepting botted offers, just know that the account will have a cooldown period and you will obviously be paid less!
  3. Ah, this is the one I used years ago that I forgot about. Much appreciated! Why you're here, I might as well ask where you recommend to buy some proxies, I've had a lot of people tell me different places but I trust your opinion a lot. Hell, even if you sell them I'm interested.
  4. I'm looking to make new accounts on proxies, are their any browsers that will allow me to do this?
  5. Have you done any Quests/Training on your Mule
  6. I'm trying to set up Authenticator for my account in the settings tab and the QR Code won't load for me to scan. Tried refreshing etc. no work. Please help so I can be a safe & secure boi
  7. At least 30 for now, possibly more in the future. Thank you for this! Will check it out, I'm assuming they aren't linked to an email yet?
  8. Thanks for the contribution but I'm not using these accounts for botting so don't want them banned. Also I'm busy with other things so would rather pay for it to be done.
  9. Looking to get some accounts put through tut island and trade limit removed (7QP) PM me or post below.
  10. Nice thread OP! I'll be following this closey :-)
  11. I'm sorry what was meant to be funny about these?
  12. I'm buying all RS3 at $0.22 - $0.24. I will buy 07 as well but only if there is a swapper offering the equivalent swap rate. Post or pm me.
  13. Gold prices are absolute trash at the moment everyone vote yes yo
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