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  1. How to attach a proxy to a browser?

    Ah, this is the one I used years ago that I forgot about. Much appreciated! Why you're here, I might as well ask where you recommend to buy some proxies, I've had a lot of people tell me different places but I trust your opinion a lot. Hell, even if you sell them I'm interested.
  2. How to attach a proxy to a browser?

    I'm looking to make new accounts on proxies, are their any browsers that will allow me to do this?
  3. Just got my mule auto-banned for RWT

    Have you done any Quests/Training on your Mule
  4. I'm trying to set up Authenticator for my account in the settings tab and the QR Code won't load for me to scan. Tried refreshing etc. no work. Please help so I can be a safe & secure boi
  5. Need some accounts put through tut island + 7QP

    At least 30 for now, possibly more in the future. Thank you for this! Will check it out, I'm assuming they aren't linked to an email yet?
  6. Need some accounts put through tut island + 7QP

    Thanks for the contribution but I'm not using these accounts for botting so don't want them banned. Also I'm busy with other things so would rather pay for it to be done.
  7. Looking to get some accounts put through tut island and trade limit removed (7QP) PM me or post below.
  8. 10,000$ from Corporeal Beast Farm (Update Thread)

    Nice thread OP! I'll be following this closey :-)
  9. I'm sorry what was meant to be funny about these?
  10. Vote yes for sailing if you want higher gold prices

    Gold prices are absolute trash at the moment everyone vote yes yo
  11. Better, more energized mornings.

    I feel you, just try to start the clock about 5 minutes after you lay in bed, thats what I've been doing and works pretty. Just give it a shot man good luck.
  12. Better, more energized mornings.

    I mean that whenever you sleep try and sleep in a multiple of 90 minutes. I don't know when you usually go to bed but just try go for a 7.5h or 9h sleep instead of 8 or 10.
  13. Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me an update on whats been going down with TRiBot and OSRS over the past 2 months or so. Particularly the gold price dropping far more than what I thought it would, is this linked to anything particular event? Cheers.
  14. Better, more energized mornings.

    Do some of you wake up in the morning tired as fuck even after 9-10 hours of solid sleep. Well, Pro-tip: Get sleep in intervals of 90 minutes. E.g. 3h, 4.5h, 6h, 7,5h, 9h etc. Do this for a week and you will have better mornings. Ask me questions if you want.
  15. 850k+ Magic xp an hour

    An autoclicker macro I would assume.