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  1. Nice thread OP! I'll be following this closey :-)
  2. I'm sorry what was meant to be funny about these?
  3. Gold prices are absolute trash at the moment everyone vote yes yo
  4. I feel you, just try to start the clock about 5 minutes after you lay in bed, thats what I've been doing and works pretty. Just give it a shot man good luck.
  5. I mean that whenever you sleep try and sleep in a multiple of 90 minutes. I don't know when you usually go to bed but just try go for a 7.5h or 9h sleep instead of 8 or 10.
  6. Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me an update on whats been going down with TRiBot and OSRS over the past 2 months or so. Particularly the gold price dropping far more than what I thought it would, is this linked to anything particular event? Cheers.
  7. Do some of you wake up in the morning tired as fuck even after 9-10 hours of solid sleep. Well, Pro-tip: Get sleep in intervals of 90 minutes. E.g. 3h, 4.5h, 6h, 7,5h, 9h etc. Do this for a week and you will have better mornings. Ask me questions if you want.
  8. An autoclicker macro I would assume.
  9. iWnB you were clearly banned because your tutorial island skills were so on point that Jagex mistook you for a bot
  10. Ok its not doing what Runescape companion did then I guess, they should really consider putting it into the game.
  11. I've never used that. Can you buy/sell items on the GE with OSbuddy without logging into the game?
  12. Some of you may have used to browser RS companion or the app version for RS3 in the past and I was wondering if their is an OS version of it yet if if they are planning on developing one? If so I may have some plans for it. Edit: there is a typo in the title my bad.
  13. It was reduced to 18 hours or 7 quest points, I prefer getting the qp its a lot quicker.
  14. Free salad recipes, pm me for info
  15. Oh, and is the profit also calculated by assuming all the items bought will be sold for the estimated. If so, isn't this a bit inaccurate?