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  1. Once there done with tutorial they're banned when they go outside varrock, and when there in the ge trading there banned. Locked. I do them by hand, and use maxthon with clean ips.
  2. Childstory

    Auto Woodcutter

    is this a good script to get 99 on?
  3. Childstory

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    is this a good script for chickens?
  4. Childstory

    Need a scripter/dice/auto talker/pm bot

    hey added you both! great I mean if its not 500 dollars thats great to ;). I work as a adult now, but gambling on runescape is one of my hobbies so I thought it be fun to screw around with some mates.
  5. Request: Looking for 3 scripts actually and willing to pay for them. I want all the scripts to be top of the line, I also will need updates for them.Description: I am looking for a simple, but clean dice chat script. Basically I want a clan chat you can say !roll in and the bot will give you 1-100. I can get into more details on it if needed. I am also looking for a auto typing script that is not bugged out and logs out when muted. I am also looking for a bot that will send pms to players. Payment Amount: What is your budget? $500USDTime: How soon does this need to be completed? Reasonable time frame not rushedAdditional: Any additional comments. looking for a professonal script for a gambling clan chat on osrs that is clean and runs professionally withoth issues.
  6. Childstory

    Dice roller

    Looking for someone who could make a dice random roller. Example Player says "!roll"in the clan chat Dicebot script player name rolled <57> on a 100 sided die. Looking to make it from 1-100 pm if you are intrested
  7. ikov gold for sale

  8. skype name is childstory36

  9. Childstory

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    Interested I will.
  10. Childstory

    Longest time you've gone without a ban?

    1 day to 6 hours.