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  1. Hey man saw where you had a private script made for public dicing. Did you ever get it made? If so I would be interested in buying it or if you want to give it to me for free that would be awesome to!

  2. Once there done with tutorial they're banned when they go outside varrock, and when there in the ge trading there banned. Locked. I do them by hand, and use maxthon with clean ips.
  3. Childstory

    Auto Woodcutter

    is this a good script to get 99 on?
  4. Childstory

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    is this a good script for chickens?
  5. Childstory

    Need a scripter/dice/auto talker/pm bot

    hey added you both! great I mean if its not 500 dollars thats great to ;). I work as a adult now, but gambling on runescape is one of my hobbies so I thought it be fun to screw around with some mates.
  6. Request: Looking for 3 scripts actually and willing to pay for them. I want all the scripts to be top of the line, I also will need updates for them.Description: I am looking for a simple, but clean dice chat script. Basically I want a clan chat you can say !roll in and the bot will give you 1-100. I can get into more details on it if needed. I am also looking for a auto typing script that is not bugged out and logs out when muted. I am also looking for a bot that will send pms to players. Payment Amount: What is your budget? $500USDTime: How soon does this need to be completed? Reasonable time frame not rushedAdditional: Any additional comments. looking for a professonal script for a gambling clan chat on osrs that is clean and runs professionally withoth issues.
  7. Childstory

    Dice roller

    Looking for someone who could make a dice random roller. Example Player says "!roll"in the clan chat Dicebot script player name rolled <57> on a 100 sided die. Looking to make it from 1-100 pm if you are intrested
  8. ikov gold for sale

  9. skype name is childstory36

  10. Childstory

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    Interested I will.
  11. Childstory

    Longest time you've gone without a ban?

    1 day to 6 hours.