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  1. is this a good script for chickens?
  2. never bot a main just do it on accounts you care nothing for.
  3. hey added you both! great I mean if its not 500 dollars thats great to ;). I work as a adult now, but gambling on runescape is one of my hobbies so I thought it be fun to screw around with some mates.
  4. Request: Looking for 3 scripts actually and willing to pay for them. I want all the scripts to be top of the line, I also will need updates for them.Description: I am looking for a simple, but clean dice chat script. Basically I want a clan chat you can say !roll in and the bot will give you 1-100. I can get into more details on it if needed. I am also looking for a auto typing script that is not bugged out and logs out when muted. I am also looking for a bot that will send pms to players. Payment Amount: What is your budget? $500USDTime: How soon does this need to be completed? Reasonable time frame not rushedAdditional: Any additional comments. looking for a professonal script for a gambling clan chat on osrs that is clean and runs professionally withoth issues.
  5. buy vip.
  6. the owner of dragondyce scammed me back in 2013 for 1.8b. Bought a rank and he never ranked me and im 100% sure he was the owner. If your taking a name of a old gambling clan you might want to realize that its not the most "legit" name out there, and if thats you KO kys.
  7. Running a eoc gambling clan much like I did on 07 which was successful for 2 months until we shutdown. We are moving to eoc since there is a new form of gambling and already FC and ccs are making bills. So we decided to get into the market. Looking for trusted members to get a free rank just show me wealth on eoc ect. We have a Clan and a teamspeak so if your intrested let me know. Rule 1 host on a noob account and mule that gold baby! Rule 2 be nice. Rule 3 pm of post looking for members to host!if you belive you don't want to risk if for the ban then you don't have to.
  8. Looking for someone who could make a dice random roller. Example Player says "!roll"in the clan chat Dicebot script player name rolled <57> on a 100 sided die. Looking to make it from 1-100 pm if you are intrested
  9. can someone help me buy vip for 07 gold. trusted members or someone that will let me go first. I am only going first if you are trusted.
  10. Lawls
  11. Most fake reviews to be honest I see fake reviews on most of the sites.
  12. Method of turning a fast safe profit. Woodcutting normal logs: or oak logs works It might seem like a high ban rate but you can easily run 1-10 accounts botting Profits range from 30-60k/hour It's low money but it has a decent run time the longest my bots lasted were 1 week just remember to have bots to switch off with so they can take breaks every 2-3 hours. Best part is there f2p
  13. You will if they were all made on the same IP.
  14. 1.79m a mill is a joke.