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  1. Thanks for the reply. Thank you for the consideration, too!
  2. It worked when I did the link, it should auto download!
  3. The IP 5 hours away could not be me, I was solely in Houston the whole trip.
  4. If possible, I would like a MOD to confirm everything. Also, who's IP was the one 5 hours away, and how did they gain access?
  5. It was not confirmed, that IP was not at the time of the fix. It was just an IP found that accessed VPS.
  6. That is fishy, and we still can't find the trace of you logging in to help me request, how come that IP is not there?
  7. If it isn't a proxy, who accessed the VPS?...
  8. I can confirm that you accessed at that time, which you said that you were looking at my account after I claimed someone hacked me. However, I believe there is still no trace of you logging into the account to do the KillAll Java. Strange in my opinion.
  9. What I was saying, was a generalization, but there was an IP that accessed it from another part of texas, over 300 miles away, a 5 hour drive. It is possible you saw my login IP located in Texas and used a Proxy to access from Texas as well.
  10. In Opening Post, I said I can show a MOD the math for why I had 55M, it was a private method therefore I don't want to type it out here. Also, ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: you said and you did log on to the VPS to help me that morning, however it seems that on the logs you never logged on, there are no traces of your IP for that login. That seems very fishy. Also, there was a login from McAllen, Texas, which is a 5 hour drive from the location I was in at Texas(Houston). Since you had access to the logs, it seems possible you found I was accessing from Texas and used a proxy.
  11. I messaged the group chat to no avail. Also, I was trying to contact a MOD on TriBot, was waiting on a reply. Also, yes,I did request you to restart it, you logged on an did KillJava or something for me, which I requested. But, I was not hacked until the next time I logged on to the VPS. (Which was after starting up the Bot again) Also, as for the script, I believe https://tribot.org/forums/user/10385-assume/ can help vouch the script is clean for me. He was one of the ones who looked at it for me.
  12. It does not matter if TopBot hides information or not as my account was logged on since I was botting. As for the script, I have had it checked by many script writers here on TriBot and on TopBot and they all claimed it clean.
  13. I'm not sure if I still have access to the VPS, I only logged once or twice after confronting him. I do not know if I still have time remaining on it. EDIT: I do still have the information if that helps.
  14. Scammer's Username: Sphiinx Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/176138-sphiinx/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: sphiin.x Describe in detail in your words what happened: Sphiinx sold me a VPS while he was still partnered with TiempoSales, who recently removed him. (Sphiinx managed servers while TiempoSales does presale questions.) The VPS was running smoothly, however, I was needing to go on vacation for a week, and the particular item I was botting required money investment, (Buying items from a shop, hopping worlds.) I placed 55M on the account since I would not have access to a computer to transfer money daily. (I can show the math if needed privately.) Unfortunately, after a day or two, I went to access my VPS, Java had stopped working for me, so I asked for his support in fixing it. After fixing, I continued to run the bot, however the next time I accessed the VPS, the bot had stopped due to being out of money. I logged in to find myself at Lumbridge Castle with no money or the item I was botting. I immediately confronted him about it, and he was quick to respond that I obviously died and continued to be shady about it, which led me to believe that it could've been a set-up. Also, where I was botting it was impossible to die, there are no attackable NPC's in the area, and I couldn't have walked out. I asked for the logs which he sent, but the transfer failed and when I asked again he continued to say he already sent. A few days later he left our group chat (with TiempoSales) and deleted me off skype. Evidence**: I also happen to notice that 2 days later after the hack, he has gotten a feedback for selling 72M OSRS, which TiempoSales had confronted him about before, and Sphiinx told him it was his brother's gold he sold, which TiempoSales offers support that his brother doesn't bot, and he himself is suspicious. Other: TiempoSales has offered his support in this investigation and will provide and show me fresh logs from the VPS through TeamViewer, as from what I've heard they cannot be edited until downloaded. EDIT: I forgot to add, Also, where I was botting it was impossible to die, there are no attackable NPC's in the area, and I couldn't have walked out.
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