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  1. Seems to be running pretty smoothly. The gp calculator seems to be off tho.
  2. I have both this and cbtexan4's GDKs and after quick testing am happy to say that this is faster than his. Still have to perform a run overnight to see how stable this is. Well done.
  3. Sounds awesome. Will buying of items be resupported again? Definately. Am a few points away from 3 sets myself.
  4. Mind if I ask why? Would be a very useful addition. I, for example, can not usually check the bot more than once or twice per day during weeks. Meaning it can only run for around 5 or so hours per day.
  5. Purchasing of Void parts appears to be broken. The script has twice stopped at 250 points even tho I have chosen multiple items for it to purchase. Have not witnessed the act of it stopping, but I know for sure it did not buy the item at 250.
  6. Currently not working. Probably the latest tribot update. Just swaps between chat tab + attack styles stab. Works when started in game, but gets stuck after the game, will not re-enter.
  7. eki11

    Fire RuneCrafter

    Dueling ring method is broken I guess. Message: "Logic of broken."
  8. eki11


    Works again, thanks ! :3
  9. Will give it a try. E: just teles to house and does nothing.
  10. Probably because all the doors have the same id. It´s just going to click the closest one?
  11. Clicks the tiles on minimap. Minimap is not available in Barrows Tunnels.
  12. Does not mean it shouldn't be supported. Especially when it's advertised as AIO. Also, are you working on\ going to be working on the attack style swapping when switching to guthans?
  13. So, you left green dragons out on purpose? I thought it was meant to be AIO.
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