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  1. my bad i though i have to make a dispute lol
  2. Username:RuneLava Link to TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/user/222303-runelava/ Chat/Discussion Methods:Private Message Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Describe in detail in your words what happened:Keep Spamming His RSPS Non-Stop Evidence**: http://gyazo.com/070be273139d47992880a3e5ec3b38ea http://gyazo.com/19dde54a572fd3c882522b63983fbf2f
  3. Royalcakee's AIO Services Contact (Skype): Royalpotatoto Term Of Services: Not Responsible For Any Ban Do Not Log In During The Service (If Log In Wil Result in Termination Of Service) Have To leave Feedback After Service (Will leave A Feedback For The Buyer) Always Ask Pm Before Giving Any Acct Detail ID Will Be Needed If Payment Is Paypal Payment: Paypal BTC RSGP Order Form: Services needed: Payment: Added me On Skype: Agree TOS:
  4. How much u need :80m (eoc) Added me (yes/no):NO (There's 3 of u) Please add me Royalpotatoto
  5. Royalcakee


    @henrydog12 not quite sure u might wanna check out the "purchase VIP" section see if its able to upgrade im VIP-E so cant see any
  6. Royalcakee


    nope u can just pay another $1.50/2 to upgrade to VIP-E
  7. Would recommend Sigma Motherlode Script been using it and not much ban last week not sure for now
  8. 1st things 1st relax. Next pm @TRiLeZ Or @Usa and wait for them to reply u
  9. add me on skype Royalpotatoto
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