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  1. Currently I don't have any account, except one with a 2 day ban. Thanks for the reply, if you could provide tips or the best things to know before for more efficient botting, I would love that. Also where to get proxies.
  2. Hello, I played Runescape in 2004-2010. I have been wanted to pick it up again for quite some time now, however due to time constraints and other things I have attempted to start botting again multiple times in the past few months. It has not effective, after 3-7 days I would end up getting Ban. However from browsing the posts on multiple forums, I've been thinking about attempting VIP on this one. TriBot looks significantly better than the competitors. I've already got 6 accounts Ban (Two at a time, I've attempted running 2 bots in January on my home IP/ Last month and this month I used public Proxies and 3 of these accounts we're members). Would buying VIP-E for TriBot and private proxies make any difference, if so could you provide reasons on why you wouldn't go back to the free botting? I really don't want to throw $20-30 down the drain. TL;DR: If someone could provide an example of how TriBot drastically increased there success in Runescape I would strongly appreciate it. I am hesitant to purchase VIP-E and proxies to just suffer the same fate as free botting on competitors bots with public proxies. (If possible could recommend where to get proxies.) Edit: Did purchase VIP-E, To run multiple BoTs and looked in to proxies so I don't get 4 accounts banned at once.
  3. I appreciate the post, I was going to post a question similar to this if I didn't find something a post to provide information on the topic. I'm not even really interested in selling gold, Would just like a faster way to earn it with a very busy schedule. Thanks. Impoofpooh