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  1. Which contact method would you suggest to receive any response from you (socks5proxies), replying to an ongoing email seems to usually get ignored by default (it has been about 11 days now). Would submitting a ticket help fastening the process?? Seems like you guys are having a heavy load of tickets to go through?
  2. Hey, customer's services/email support has not been responding within 24 hours, are there other ways for emergency contacts? If so, please PM me the info, thanks.
  3. huangchingho

    [SCRIPT] B94WildyLooter Edgeville Wilderness Looter! [SCRIPT]

    The script is currently instant ban
  4. In need of a mule transferring script

  5. huangchingho

    Setting up a goldfarm, help needed.

    Thats good if you don't have to pay for your hydro. But do take consideration into your hardware damages and cooling fans.. etc. It is very hardware intensive if you are actually wanting to make profit. Buying a bulk amount of VPNs is a must. It costs more than 3.10USD each month for each VPN depending the amount of purchasing. VIP-e is 8 Dollars per month. And of course a wired internet network is also necessary.
  6. No worries, I see the potential on the script You can just make a new level 3 account and stack any 28 random items and start testing with another new account. Everything works well but the below is some suggestions. - GUI that loads an existing Profile setting ( I found them under the .tribot folder, but the format is named under the users' IGN ex. C#Muler zezima settings.ini; and I would have to manually change the name to the corresponding secondary account (bot) IGN) - sequencing... It withdraws from the bank. But not under a specific order. (withdraws coins from first row but scrolls down to row 11 for Rune 2h sword.) (though I think this is really hard to accomplish in terms of coding) - does not withdraw a full inventory of all the specific items out from the bank and close the bank window, idles. - does not find and trade the targeted main account - does not have a trade accepting mode for the main account. Hence the main account does not accept trades from the dialogue panel and 1st/ 2nd trade window. Banks/ deposit all at the Banking booth or Deposit box. It is super handy, time efficient, fast and simple. ex. Main standing next to the depositing box, accepts trade and deposits items and wait for another trade again. Thanks in advance! I can give more opinions, or I am happy to do more testings!!
  7. Very interested in this script. But the thing is I added my main accounts, noted items id. and start script. All it does it click deposit and logs out. Edit: I thought Item ID: ex. 882 instead of IGNs ?? smh will try more now Okay, this time. the script did withdraw items (like 20 items instead of 28) but did not find the Main Account (Could it be the IGN? it consists of alphabet and numbers). I clicked trade manually, it did put the items in the box but won't click accept. It stuck on the status : Closing Bank, and wouldn't go and find my main account However is there a feature to save the settings, so I can just load the profile and not to implement like 50 items each time I wanted to trade from a new account to my mule. As I do suicidal bots (I make new accounts every single day)
  8. huangchingho

    Tribot White Screen (First Time Using)

    try logging onto any account and resize through RS resolution settings. FIXED RESOLUTION, after you have done that, any other clients you open will apply to that as well.
  9. huangchingho

    [SCRIPT] B94WildyLooter Edgeville Wilderness Looter! [SCRIPT]

    Hey @benjamin94, your script is absolutely amazing, but I need some help! https://tribot.org/forums/topic/56897-javalangarrayindexoutofboundsexception-errors/
  10. huangchingho

    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Errors

    Thanks for the replies, I have actually tried to contact the authors of many scripts and only one scriptwriter had succeeded the altering. However, I think the premium scriptwriters are tended or more likely to work on update and this is very appreciated. Last time, there was a really popular/big script that has just a micro-issue where most people won't encounter but I eventually gave up since the author tried, and it wasn't resolved. I mean I think I am just unlucky and don't want to pinpoint those amazing scripts. Since this scriptwriter hasn't applied for premium status (he is not getting paid) I will still try to get to contact the author and hope for help. I am just here for suggestions if anyone knows how to get the client to re-run scripts when an error occurred. Anyhow, thanks everyone!
  11. huangchingho

    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Errors

    Been there, done that. Yes, but it is difficult to avoid as it happens to most scripts (even premium scripts stop at some point while they charge people a lot), hence, is there ever a feature to run the scripts on their own. Like looping it even when it stopped. Perhaps script-queuer is similar to that, but I am not sure how it'd work. Thanks In Advance!
  12. If this bug happens once in a couple hours, is there a solution. Like: setting scripts to re-run when it is terminated unexpectedly? @TRiLeZ
  13. huangchingho

    TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    um @TRiLeZ , After today's newest updates, multiple scripts aren't able to startup, only simple ones work(AFK camera rotations), I have tried about 10+ scripts, they generally had errors from the API Package from tribot's server ( org.tribot.api2007). Thus, I figured it's the API's fault. TY!
  14. huangchingho

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    lol, this is the entire lists of bugs that I have encountered as well. I have tried posting useful information with numerous bugs that existed but the scripter was "busy". Thus, I have simply given up as this does not even work on suicide bots/ script stops randomly from 20 minutes to 2hours. Figured there are so much other scripts that you can find that will make you profit. If you wanna train combat, just grind for nightmare zone. This script was fine, as a programmer I understand the effort. We appreciated the script.
  15. huangchingho

    [SCRIPT] B94WildyLooter Edgeville Wilderness Looter! [SCRIPT]

    Trying out the script for the first time, worked well so far for 20min. Gonna upload proggies soon. Edit: Nice scripts with awesome features but there are some flaws that you could work on to improve: failsafes and escapes if being attacked (it spams all my swordfishes when i was attacked or have gotten into combat but still dies) also it turns retaliate on/off repeatedly (I tried turned it off before starting the script and that might be the issue) other than some misclicks when looting it worked really well and still haven't gotten any bans yet , Very awesome script @benjamin94