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  1. googleftw

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    I noticed if the bot is inside the area and a game starts, itll run to lobby and run back into the game even if it's almost ready to cut wood as far as ive noticed, it always stands in a block away from where you cut. maybe make it go into the spot with all the people so you don't stand out? EDIT: had about 8 hours in this script. Got my first ban already.
  2. All I remember is at first, it was slow. So I restarted and went to the options and checked the two faster options on the one page and started it, and it seemed to go at the same pace. I'll have to check it again once I restart it soon
  3. I'm pretty sure I did have that checked. I gotta mine some more ore and when I get back to it I'll let you know. Thanks a lot
  4. Ive been doing al kharid smelting and it seems like the delays are huge with the script when it walks to and from bank, uses bank, etc.
  5. Never once complained about being banned. Just stating that the 3 1/2 days that I botted was straight. Was worth it.
  6. i honestly loved the bot before i got banned. was only a 2 day but still my account that I don't want to get banned perm. this was 3 1/2 days straight of botting. Only stopped for when I lost internet connection and had to restock. havent botted for 8 months now
  7. Looks like they're banning a lot of people, just got a bot busting moderate ban. My internet went out through the night and when I logged in I disconnected again, just thought my internet went out. When I went to log in I was banned. Made at least 110m from this script and transferred it over to a different account, and it's only a 2 day ban unless I get permed after this 2 day when I log on.
  8. Bot kept doing the teleport thing to cw and back again. Same problem before, was missing one shark but seems to forget about it when it's going back to the bank
  9. Seems like the bot does the teleport to cw and back to zulrah repeatedly if it forgets one shark. That's what I've noticed so far, is that it's missing a single shark and when it teleports it has 2 open spots and then when you go to clan wars and deposit your inventory, it works again Jens, I did 50 and then went to 60
  10. Mine always takes two, one on and one in the inventory
  11. just go to clan wars with an empty invy and try again
  12. I've died like 33 times and haven't lost my God cape yet?
  13. I'm 70 pray too, depending on the kill it takes 2-3 sips of ppot. So if it only brings one dose of it, you might die. And I'd say the better Mage attack. But I'm not too sure
  14. I have no clue. I have my setup as 2 ppots, started with 5 Karams and went to 4, Mage and range pot, and anti venom +. I'm using full void, God cape, book, occult and mystic boots, and then just a void helm blowpipe switch. I'm pretty sure if you have it set up for 1 ppot, it'll take a 1 dose and that's might be why you're dying? I always take 2 because it'll be at least 1 full one. At the moment I'm 559/31 KDR. In 48.5 hours, 100.15m profit:)
  15. Anywhere from 1:50 to 5 on bad kills. Averages 12 kills an hour.