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  1. I noticed if the bot is inside the area and a game starts, itll run to lobby and run back into the game even if it's almost ready to cut wood as far as ive noticed, it always stands in a block away from where you cut. maybe make it go into the spot with all the people so you don't stand out? EDIT: had about 8 hours in this script. Got my first ban already.
  2. Selling credits. only can sell limit right now. 1.6m each. pm me or post here
  3. I can do 1.6m per credit.
  4. bump. able to sell 5 more. pm me or post here!
  5. able to sell 5 more. pm or post here
  6. Bought 20 something credits and my account got banned. I'm just gonna sell them all because I'm not risking a perm ban. Pm me or post
  7. pm or post here. won't go first.
  8. Just bought 25m. was delivered in less than 5 minutes. very cheap prices too!
  9. All I remember is at first, it was slow. So I restarted and went to the options and checked the two faster options on the one page and started it, and it seemed to go at the same pace. I'll have to check it again once I restart it soon
  10. I'm pretty sure I did have that checked. I gotta mine some more ore and when I get back to it I'll let you know. Thanks a lot
  11. Ive been doing al kharid smelting and it seems like the delays are huge with the script when it walks to and from bank, uses bank, etc.
  12. Never once complained about being banned. Just stating that the 3 1/2 days that I botted was straight. Was worth it.
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