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  1. pjer

    Delay Bans

    tried both f2p and p2p
  2. pjer

    Delay Bans

    Thanks for the replies, after suicide botting for 24 hours and no ban right now after 5 days
  3. pjer

    Delay Bans

    Anyone know how long they occur after botting? Mainly testing methods of money making with bots and want to wait a little while before verifying they are worth it
  4. The links to looking glass is not working for a member I take it? where can I find some more info about it thanks P
  5. pjer

    Ages since botting

    It has been a while since I botted, I am looking for money making methods that do not have high requirements mainly for gp gain. I do not want to be a leecher but I have looked through the majority of the money making / paid scripts here and came up with a few questions. A few looked quite good but seeing they have auth / month / week / 2week do they make enough to cover the cost? Am I right in thinking 1 auth = 1 account using the script? A few of them like USA's dragon scripts / zulrah / tau grand exchange seem good money with some reqs for drags/zulrah But for the tau exchange is it 1 account only used at a time? https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/551-tau-grand-exchange/ this may belong here https://tribot.org/forums/forum/126-bot-help/ thanks in advance
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