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  1. I had my computer taking screenshots every 15 min of each account, all of them managed to end up at monk of zamorak dungeon again, and ALL OF THEM got the hammer when I tried logging in this morning. Accounts on different i.p. from new accounts to farm, to quested and high level accounts. Don't have any more input now.
  2. okay thank you I think they are already gone? and @Usa I got the same interface problem with tablet selection open but it is trying to "click lectern"
  3. It is still doing this trying to get to glory... just constantly clicks inside the tablet interface. Also found my accounts ran away again. @Usa
  4. Yes it does, but randomly it will sometimes just start its jjourney off to the northeast of varrock idk why. @Usa
  5. To house:teleport runes House location: rimmington To bank: glory Tablet: camelot Use friends house: true Use servant: false The current i.d. outside of rimmington are: 336,335,4737,4738,4736,4342,9692,15531. The accounts status is "web walking" or "clicking glory" when they walk all the way to Monks Of Zamorak east of varrock. The account still gets stuck in the bank screen when "withdrawing soft clay" Would any of this change If I got 10 construction on all accounts so I can use taverly?? @Usa
  6. Ended up again at the underground monks of zamorak area. This needs to be fixed please.
  7. To house: Teleport Runes House Location: Brimhaven To Bank: Wall Glory Tablet: Camelot Use Friends House: True Use Servant: False Issues: Walks all the way to g.e. or to monks of zamoraks dungeoen. @Usa and also check your p.m. please
  8. what is a good screenshot program so I can take those to post them on here? also could you make the script end/logout when out of supplies (runes, clay) @Usa
  9. another bug that has been a factor for months. Somehow the script ends up running the charrachter all the way to the monks of zamorak, 5 minute walk east of varrock, and goes down the ladder to the 'temple guardian' dog. This happened on the account using butler.... @Usa
  10. Found out why it starts running, it will say "looking for glory" but it already used glory to edgeville, then starts running NE to G.E.
  11. Now the account that "enters players house" was sitting at the tree north east of the grand exchange..... @Usa
  12. I found the problem hahaha, its the same problem as it had months ago, it will go to edville, click bank, then withdraw the soft clay, however stay stuck at "withdrawing soft clay" for a very long time unless manipulated myself with the mouse to close bank interface. This has been an issue for months please fix @Usa
  13. idk what happened as I was a.f.k but the account that stays in house using butler is flawless. 1.1k tabs an hour. But the account that enters friends house must have gotten stuck somewhere as after 3 hours is only making 400 tabs an hour, where as a flawless "friends house" account makes about 850 tabs an hour. So it must have frozen for a while at some point in the script @Usa
  14. Friends house fixed, great service tonight thank you @Usa vouch big time for this script yall
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