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  1. perfect <3
  2. it updates then closes, any solution?
  3. Hey buddy from my limited knowledge as you are not vip extended you will not be allowed access to HMD movement unless you request it after submitting the data. As a VIP E you automatically qualify for the data, consider investing a little for the awesome feature
  4. when i select the osbuddy.jar as the application to run through a proxy there seems to be no incomming or outgoing packets through the proxy so my ip remains my isp. Is there somthing else i need to select as the application to run the osbuddy proxy through?
  5. i am vip e, im looking to run multiple instances of looking glass
  6. Hey guys im trying to use proxifier in conjunction with the rsbuddy app i have looking glass. I want to be able to run rsbuddy and only rsbuddy through the specified proxy i have added on proxifier (it has a app specific feature that adds a rule to make sure other computer features do not run through the proxy). When i add osbuddy,jar to the proxy rule... i open up rsbuddy and the proxifier shows that no packs are incomming or outgoing through rsbuddy and only somthing called javasw. somthing like that. Do i need to add that to the rule or somthing else.. what am i doing wrong
  7. thank you buddy
  8. Hello guys, a newb to botting but am gradually learning the ropes. I was wondering if i qualify to use the human mouse data addon, i am a vip extended however i have not submitted any mouse data. God bless you.
  9. As i said a few days ago the bot switches on and leaves prayer on whilst banking, please have a look at the video i have pmd you.
  10. how comes when it finishes the game, it protects melee when your outside running to bank?
  11. yeah i have latest java, so this is more of a script problem?
  12. Everytime i load up the tribot programme it shows the runescape login and as soon as the script dialog appears it freezes..