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  1. Gratz mate, good to see some one doing there own tests instead of asking what the ban rate is. Certain scripters here make bots which run so smoothly - as long as you dump your gear every few hours you can make some good g[p]s
  2. Good Morning Mate, Any chance on ETA on update, still not working well for me - will start but then completely die. Cheers
  3. I found last night it was picking up - back to what I was getting mid week. Love the script helping build a nice little green stack
  4. Shit mate, send him a message again. @TRiLeZ scamming you for $6.50 or any amount is pure bull shit. Making a thread like this is pointless and is only going to give you butt hurt.
  5. Hey every one loves these kinds of threads! Get to it right away - today blur out a shit load of other skills so jagex cant track ya (they might be looking here right now) and make sure to keep with it. If you get banned, re evaluate - love seen content!
  6. Fucking 1 attack All dem 0's
  7. You made me stop my music for this.. ...It was good not a huge fan on the genre but sounded good good work to who ever did it !
  8. Hey mate can you do a few accounts - cheers
  9. City of God City of Men Elite squad Battle Royal Casino (10/10) s7ven Wrong Man Pulp Fiction Boondock Saints - 1 & 2
  10. Just bot it - roll the dice g
  11. You will have to try, to many variables (method - how many monkfish you have) I have had a suicide account go for last 4 days in f2p - all made at same time (4/5 banned) same method, some times u get luck some times you get unlucky. JUSTDOIT
  12. I have had the same issue - using separate clients now L:)
  13. if your going to do some big runs it will chew up your cash really quickly. The cost for cat5e weather proof will eat that $180 very quickly. 40 lengths of 4 m conduit will $88 that will be one 160m run, do not forget your conduit glue $8ish, lets say 10 90' bends - $18 $114, you should have a few $$$ to buy yourself a carton of mercury hard cider!
  14. Conduit (pipe 20mm) would be about $2.20+ gst for a 4 metre length. So in case you wanted to do a 20 metre run then it would be cheaper. To bad your cat 5e cable is not the weather proof kind, that shit is more expensive. Rexel will have all this stuff for you, running cable especially data is easy compared to running thick cable in large conduits (pipe 100mm)