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pennyroyal last won the day on August 30 2016

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  1. Any updates mate - how is all the gold farming going.
  2. pennyroyal

    Fire cape

    They exist on another platform - bloody be hard I would think, but no idea in the end.
  3. WYD you have forgot our conversations about you running your lan cable from you house to your shed? >> I am the guy who suggest you head to a electrical wholesaler in Smithton/Burnie. << Talked on Skype, youz forget me all ready only been 12 months g! But yeah this is random eh?
  4. Lurked for ages, have not been botting in ages. I am coming back babbyyyyy! I started a bussiness picking up dog shit, it was shit. Back to picking flax and smashing green drags. GG WYD > you still here bra?
  5. Gratz mate, good to see some one doing there own tests instead of asking what the ban rate is. Certain scripters here make bots which run so smoothly - as long as you dump your gear every few hours you can make some good g[p]s
  6. Good Morning Mate, Any chance on ETA on update, still not working well for me - will start but then completely die. Cheers
  7. I found last night it was picking up - back to what I was getting mid week. Love the script helping build a nice little green stack
  8. Hey every one loves these kinds of threads! Get to it right away - today blur out a shit load of other skills so jagex cant track ya (they might be looking here right now) and make sure to keep with it. If you get banned, re evaluate - love seen content!
  9. City of God City of Men Elite squad Battle Royal Casino (10/10) s7ven Wrong Man Pulp Fiction Boondock Saints - 1 & 2
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