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  1. henry432

    Private script request

    @Gamete Hard for him to remove it, now that you quoted it. lol
  2. henry432

    If i buy vip

    You will have to purchase that scrip aswell
  3. henry432

    Looking glass?

    Thanks. Looks like I'll be purchasing extended
  4. henry432

    Looking glass?

    I've heard "looking glass" mentioned a few times on the forums. All I know about it is that it's a premium vip feature. I was wondering what it does. Thanks
  5. henry432

    [ABCL10] daxGrandExchange

    @Nodemaster I thought it did but it stopped after a few seconds, when i tried it again
  6. henry432

    daxFighter AIO [4/7/15]

    @legolas323 it's auto responder
  7. henry432

    [ABCL10] daxGrandExchange

    Worked for me. Great script