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  1. I am also getting stuck clicking the inventory, deleted hooks.dat multiple times, nvm it works after restarting my client as well
  2. From what I can see, there's just a ton of left game window delays that are really unnecessary between building items. If possible, should limit the amount of big delays to when the butler leaves to get items, as this is where the majority of people would do whatever else they are doing while playing RS. Currently the biggest thing slowing down would probably be the butler coming in and interrupting at same time as removing the item. The item doesn't get removed and it takes a while to get back on track.
  3. You could use the money sack so the butler doesn't ask for money. I am getting around 240k/hr doing mahog tables at .1 setting with LG. and about 145k/hr doing oak doors. It seems to have a very low exp rate because it spends too much time interacting with butler. Very slow to move through the two chat dialog screens. Edit: Also there;s a delay in response sometimes if it gets interrupted by the butler returning as it removes an object, this causes lost time and decreased exp rates as well.
  4. Hi Worthy, yes I tried lowering the ABC2 multiplier to .1 and it increased the rates a little, its less than half of what I do by hand, about 130-140k/hr doing oak doors Edit: Found that if using looking glass, script severely slows down if you touch your main client after LG has loaded. Working much better now, im going to test it more, but the exp/hr seems to be slightly higher
  5. Its working perfectly for me using looking glass, but the exp/hr seems to be really low, like 1/4th of what I would get paying moderate attention manually, doing oak doors
  6. I dont have this problem o.O working 100% fine for me the last few days. Doing Phials too
  7. Works fine, the only issue for me is that sometimes, very rarely, it will click up the stairs when banking at phials and it will get stuck. Never had a problem banking at edgeville etc. Script works perfectly, although there are some minor things that could be done to make it a little bit faster, nothing I can complain about really. The people that are having issues are likely missing something required in their inventory, or have an issue with their settings, I messaged USA when I had a problem and he told me I was missing something, I resupplied myself and I was set to go, never had a problem since then.
  8. I pmed him, and he told me to follow his instructions and make sure everything is in inv. I just put everything away, and rearranged my inventory/bank, everything working fine for me now. Last 4 hours, no issues, averaging about 800 tabs per hour.
  9. I don't know the last time you ran this script, but phial is broken as well, this script is not working very well at the moment.
  10. Having an issue with Phials, it swaps the notes for clay, then keeps trying to swap it(clicks on noted clay then on phials, over and over), funny thing is one account runs fine, another will just keep trying to swap. I tried to restart and it seems to only happen with this particular account. Edit: Now its happening with both accounts. So it gets stuck when I bank in edge and stuck when swapping at phials. Its not checking the inv the make sure there is soft clay.
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